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c/n 1263, C-GZZL

Started by Doug Johnson, April 25, 2015, 05:46:39 AM

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Barry Dechert

Very nice & also awesome thanks for sharing your photographs, gives me very good concept on how to support the wing on install. All though I have very similar concept pictures speak. Thank you. The aircraft looks awesome.



Neil did an incredible work at preparing this mission.  It went very fast once the container received in Australia.  Two days and the plane was reassembled.  Without a scratch.  We just finished to paint it.  Scratch were not an option. 

All the electrics to the wings ( autopilot, fuel sensors, lights, electric flaps ) was equipped with connectors at the root of the wings.  With the small trolley wheels, the Helio could fit in without removing the prop.  Everything was super clean because Australia have very strict standards for bio-contamination.  It was scrutinized for any dirt by bio-officer. 

Now it is my turn to go there.  I take the airline soon to go fly it in Australia.  I will post photo. 

Australia is an incredible country to fly around.  3000 feet dirt runways everywhere.  ( Most remote farms have their own strip.  And most of them offer accommodations for sleep ) Depending on the season, weather is usually friendly if you like it hot.  They have one of the first and most perfect iPad app to navigate ( OZrunways ) and an incredible book for weekend flyers.  The references of this book is even included in the App.  The immensity makes the plane worth to take.  You can't make the same trip with a camper.  ( If it isn't a flying one )

And everywhere you go, there is nice people to help you with transportation or any special needs.  Fuel is available at most places you can land.


Photo from my last trip with the flying Winnebago:


On a private strip near Albany, South west Australia

Photo Nat Mongeau



One day, the Helio 250 of my friend had it's stab destroyed by big wind.  It was floating around as the main wing was solidly anchored.  It was 45K wind in Tasmania this morning.  I blocked the yoke completely pulled, and attach down the tail.  It did work.  Now the wind is down.  Tomorrow, fly to the mainland Australia.

But i still prefer to tye it the tail into the wind, with all controls secure by the outside.  Nobody have ever saw a plane taking off rear bound.

Dynema rope.  A quarter inch one would be able to sling the whole plane.




Louis,      Could you  tell us more about your "Flying Winnebago"  ?  Info and photos?   Is that the plane that Dean Wilson  designed?   I saw one photo of it years ago , and no further info anywhere.  Interesting machine.  Thanks       Byron Miller


Two Helio in New Zealand.

One native, and the other one canadian



Alexandra NZ Motel on the strip


Doug Johnson

Here are a couple of pictures of Louis's C-GZZL in New Zealand