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c/n 1263, C-GZZL

Started by Doug Johnson, April 25, 2015, 05:46:39 AM

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The red Helio had its wings and tail  took off.  Packed in a container.  It is going to Australia.  We made a trip there with the Flying Winnebago three years ago.  But we did miss the West Coast.  So we are returning there next spring.  This time with the Helio.  So there will be less stress when the temperature will be 100 F on short strips.

I will post photo of the apparatus Neil did to be able to remove the wing, and put them back together, without pain.



Interested in seeing that apparatus since we were discussing the easiest way to attach wings the other day with my engineer.


I will make photo.  It does work quite good:  i was at my sewing machine, under the wing.  Without talking to me, Neil started to remove the wing without telling me.  When i finished to sew my pockets  ( i am sewing a lot of them to equip the inside of the Helio so i can live those two months with all it takes )

Then, i notice that the wing was gone, and already attached in the container.  Mission done without me noticing it






That is quite the container, how long will it take to get to Australia?

Would sure like to see at Oshkosh

Safe journeys and happy flying.



Louis, that is one amazing container.  You can ship it to me if it is too expensive to ship it to Australia :)  I also love you hangar door with all the windows.  That is a great design, ohh and your porter, also a great design!


A long time.  Probably around 3 months.  59 days on the sea.  The ship already have it's slot to go trough the Suez canal.  Last time, when we shipped the Flying Winnebago, it wen't by train to Vancouver, then by sea to Australia.  Now the route seems to go trough the Atlantic.  Probably these route are chosen with reserved slots that the shipping compagny might have in ports and canal.  I am not sure how it works, but we already have the panned route.

Everything is listed for customs.  The plane, the tools, my T-Shirt, my underwear etc. 

What i forgot to show you was how we equipped the inside of the plane.  With a lot of storage area.  Going from a Flying Winnebago to do the same camping - "living in the plane" in a Helio did required some planning of the storage inside.  The sun of Australia is also very strong.  So sun curtains were installed.  I did some video to show it to friends, but they are in french.  I will post them anyway.

A lot of tailoring and sewing.  But this is my trade, so it was easy and fun.  Going back to 8 hours a day designing and sewing after almost two years of retirement.  ( Made that 45 years before those two years )

I also payed a lot with forming Polycarbonate sheet.  Also polyethylene.  And sewing them.  There is a lot of plastic forming machinery now on the internet.  One can go a long way with a 150 dollar machine.



I have some photos, but my hoster charge too much now.  I will figure out how to put photo.  Because as now, both wings are on