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mid row seats shoulder harness attachment

Started by lbpa18, February 19, 2011, 04:15:55 PM

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Am adding shoulder harness to mid row of seats. Want to use the welded cluster of airframe above and aft of aft doors for the location. Anybody have experience here or have photo of what yours look like. thx



Transformed 391, with some metal attachment screwed on steel plate soldered to the frame

Transformed 391, with some metal attachment soldered to the frame

My luggage safety net attachment: a nylon strap around frame tubing

Photo turned sideway of the youtube config of the 800


This were photo from a stock 800 frame config, and a transformed 391.  I prefer myself a single shoulder harness than the Y configuration because i think that it keeps your body more in the middle in a crash with some side impact. The one side to the other shoulder harness seems to self centered your body.  The Y config let's you swing around the centered attach point.  Anyway, both config will for sure give a lot of protection, probably more than necessary.

I have other photo of a transformed 250 that i will post where the attchment were made with a steel cable around the frame with nicopress.

Personnaly, i would simply install the nylon straps around the frame with steel buckle, or sewn loop.  At a place were it could not slide sideway. No soldering, no chafer on the tubing, maximum force of the nylon strap.



You make valid points. I have looked at using webbing for the attach point but still not the best. USA FAA impossible to work with sometimes to make changes. The webbing takes them out of the approval (denial) process. The cable loop is one that would be good to see photos of. Thanks for the time to post all the photos and video. They are helpful.


Quote from: lbpa18 on March 06, 2011, 04:07:57 PMThe cable loop is one that would be good to see photos of.

Wilco.  I will be able to take photo of the cable loop when i will come back home anywhere from 2 to 6 days.

If these are the way you are going to do, i will remove the headliner to be able to show where they are attached ( on wich part of the structure). 

I am sure it is a lot more strong to go around the structure that the little welded D ring there is on the 800 frame ( shown on the video)



Hi Louis. Were you ever able to find a picture of your cable loop attachment for mid row shoulder harness? Dont pull out your headliner to do so though. 

Doug Johnson


Hope I'm Not butting in. On my Cessna  I went to inertial reels at first I used a standard shoulder strap but passengers usually seemed to find a way to defeat them with inertia reels they  usually left them alone. When I changed the Helio I went to an inertia reel in the front. I made sort of an aluminum  U strap that went over the tubing and that was bolted  to the inertia reel. Worked for me, but I was in Alaska where the FAA used to work with you. I never got around to mid or rear seat shoulder straps.