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c/n 1256, N42013
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5 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1256, built 06/67 as U-10D s/n 66-14354 for USAF accepted 06/67, t/n “14354” US (Pacific Air Forces Command) USAF West Virginia Air National Guard, USAF 130th ACSquadron renamed 5/68, 130th SOS 11/74, storage MASDC Davis-Monthan AFB AZ declared excess released from storage 3/76, as N42013 sold 4/76 to US dept of Agriculture TX for screwworm eradication program sold '78, Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Department (Bolivar Bishop) LA sold '82, Skypark inc OH accident pilot intentionally taxied off the runway on turn around after landing and the left wheel dropped into a drainage ditch @ Philippi WV 4/83 sold '88, John Woodford WI sold '90, Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) SC sold '92, Styles aviation NY accident pilot was demonstrating the aircraft’s capabilities to a prospective buyer. He attempted a short-field takeoff from a confined area behind a manufacturing plant. During the takeoff roll he failed to correct for a left cross wind. As the aircraft passed the plant, the left wing came up and the right wing dragged in the dirt. The pilot lost control and it came to rest 90 degrees right of the takeoff heading @ Dunlap TN 3/91 sold '95, Jay & Judy Jesperson (Jesperson Aircraft services inc) remove crosswind gear installed wheel skis installed AK Bush Wheels, rereg AK Brooks Range Aviation Bettles field, AK (Jay Jesperson) removed from service '13 for restoration new engine cabin interior gear leg fairings and more expected completion '18 placed back in service 04/18

c/n 1261 is in the background

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Re: c/n 1256, N42013
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Here is the current condition of N42013.  Photo was taken in early July while Laura and I were on our adventure in the North in N6469V.  Sad to see it in this condition.  But it is apparently on its way back to the flight line though the Brooks Range Aviation pilots I spoke with said it had been in this exact condition for at least three years.  The owners of Brooks Range Aviation say it is just getting a new motor. 

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Re: c/n 1256, N42013
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just received an update N42013 currently removed from service '13 for restoration new engine interior gear leg fairings and more expected completion '18

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resized and opened the photo above
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Re: c/n 1256, as '14354'
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I found a photo of c/n 1256 as 66-14354 a U-10D before it conversion to a civilian Helio courier.

c/n 1261 is in the background.

I will open it above in the photo queue above.
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