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c/n 028, N12620

Started by Doug Johnson, January 15, 2015, 05:16:31 AM

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Doug Johnson

15 pictures because I have them as you can see some were probably taken in CA before going to AR and now MI

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c/n 028, built 04/56 as H-391B original registry assigned was N4112D (ntu used on c/n 035) export as XB-KOM Mexico Antullio Mendez sold dereg '67, export re-reg as N12620 Leo Overturf AR sold '68, Carl Barlow & James Cistone NV accident pilot taxied too close to parked aircraft, with winds of 15 kt gusting to 25 kt and the aircraft ground looped into parked Piper N7747W @ Cumberland MD 1/69, repaired and install 3000lb up-gross (Helio mod #21) installed Jaars steerable tailwheel assy (removed exhaust augmenter tube and converted to H-395A configuration Helio mod #48) sold '73, Bruce Gordon sold '92, Robin Gauss CA removed crosswind gear installed cleveland wheels & brakes sold '14, Tim McNamara M.D. Jonesboro AR, Kirk Field Paragould complied with SB-17 & 20 sold 6/20, Paul Lapoint, Drummond Island, MI (2nd Helio of 2)

Below Paul and his Niece Madeline at Oskosh '20

Drummond Island, MI '21


Doug Johnson



1956 Helio H-391B N12620 C/N 028 April 2012

Doug Johnson

a couple pictures of a landing LT mod that I apparently forgot to post added above 8 and 9

This would be the ideal way to go with alternating flash and convert to LED lts.


Some pics from Arkansas: These show some river fog going into Gaston's. Just wanted to get these pics into this thread.

The above pics with the lights are of me taxiing in at KPGR (Paragould Ar.) That's a great idea to alternate flash at least until short final then switch to steady! I'll look into that.

Tim Mc

Doug Johnson 1

Tim, thanks for taking the time to resize and open the pics in your 2 posts.

The post on the vert stab was interesting your comment about the blue paint on the vert stab caught my attention I looked here at the B/W first photo above and saw that because of the area painted, blue paint was probably the color of the original paint scheme.

I also noticed in the B/W photo that 028 probably came from the Factory with a landing LT in each wing for some reason I thought most of the Helios with the retractable landing LT came with only one in the left wing. Was the 2nd LT in the right wing a factory option? I guess you would need to look at several equipment list to know. I recall Bob Casebeer mentioning that  the landing LTs could be used to trim for direction heading by partially deploying a landing LT. So maybe all the H-391B and H-395s and first 5 H-250s and first 2 H-295s had dual retractable landing lts.

Anyone know for sure?

Another question what was Jaars answer to your question of whether SB-17 & 20 really needed to be complied with?
it seems a SB 60 yrs old that hadn't caused any problems really wasn't that important.

link to Vert Stabilizer post


Hi Doug,

Yes, JAARS said it really should be complied with even though it had flown perfectly well for 60 odd years. They also said they thought every Helio that was affected had been modified and were surprised it wasn't. I thought maybe someone had replaced the vertical stab with a later model that didn't need the mods but the data plate on the top of the fin shows it is the original one.

The landing lights look original so I don't think it was a field mod or retrofit. I assumed they all had dual retractable landing lights but it does seem like overkill.

Thanks for all you do for the few Helios left. It is certainly appreciated!!

Best regards,
Tim McNamara MD

PS: Photo below is the Horizontal Stab before I reinstalled it. That had some interesting things about it including an internal weight that had come loose and was free in a nose bay. Repairing it took some ingenuity. I'll try to post the pics on that before too long.

Doug Johnson

N12620, c/n 028 has changed hands Tim recently sold N12620 to Paul LaPoint Michigan.

I edited the History paragraph at the top of the page to reflect the change of ownership.

I suppose there is no need for a photo, but a current photo with some interesting Michigan background would be nice.

If Paul ever decides to revert to a typical original H-391 registry mark the original registry N4112D assigned to c/n 028, isn't available but N4111D, N4113D, and the one I would choose N4114D is available

Jason Stephens

My buddies saw Paul's Helio at Oshkosh this morning!  Hopefully more Helios will make it.

Doug Johnson

Bought a photo on E-bay of c/n 028 in Mexico as XB-KOM

I will replace the photo above with a higher resolution photo, I will open it above as #1

Doug Johnson

Paul sent me some current photos of c/n 028
here they are I will open them in the photo queue above