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c/n 1249, N5383G

Started by Doug Johnson, April 20, 2015, 11:37:35 AM

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Doug Johnson

28 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1249, built 04/67 as U-10D s/n 66-14347 for USAF accepted 04/67, t/n “14347” USAF CA Air National Guard 129th ACS Hayward CA until 11/74, storage MASDC Davis-Monthan AFB AZ declared excess 01/77, released from storage 8/78, as N5383G to CAP 1 of 15 converted to tri gear sold '87, Larry Teufel OR sold '88, Marion Van Slooten MI sold '90, Tom Teufel (Teufel Nurseries) OR modified, with removal of original nose wheel tire and fork assembly and installation of new nose wheel Kit for a Piper PA-32-260 per STC SA281AL it was done to increase propeller ground clearance sold '94, Ron Sutphin OR (Crowley Ranch) sold '94, Larry Teufel OR sold '97, Wilder Aviation group (Jon & Charles Dwight) WA  returned to original reverse tricycle gear configuration sold '99, John Francis OR sold '02, Daniel Abram TN installed Precise Flight Standby Vac system sold '07, Thomas Yates FL placed on amphib floats sold '11, Meines Enterprises Pacific Seaplanes (855-2go-Flying) (Ken Meines) Pullman, WA installed 24V Jaco Alternator system and 3,800lb up-gross sold 03/17, AJ's Aviation (Andrew Stolte) FL removed from amphib floats, returned to "Factory's reverse tricycle gear"

Removed from floats and returned to tail wheel configuration


Doug Johnson

another photo by Kat above third down

Doug Johnson


Doug Johnson

added 2nd pic in first post top page as U-10D

added 6th and 7th picture above after being returned factory designated reverse tricycle gear (not conventional gear).

The factory felt that it shouldn't be called conventional gear because the main gear is now where the nose gear was
on most tricycle aircraft, they felt it should properly be called reverse tricycle gear when the single nose gear
is moved to the rear.

added 9th, 10th and 11th pictures because of background while doing flight seeing operations on saltwater in San Diego area.

I find the last picture interesting because this is San Clemente Island I was right near where the seaplane is anchored on a harbor
tour boat.
I landed at the airport that is up on top, to the right of where the airplane is you can see the road going up the side of the mountain to the airport even further above on top of higher mountain to the right.

It is generally regarded as a difficult airport to land at, didn't seem that difficult to me.

Doug Johnson 1

Here are a couple recent photos sent to me of c/n 1249, by Steve Williams I'd forgotten who sent them, then I noticed they were bmp files which is what he usually sends.

I will open them in queue above


Here is one from last week on a lake in Florida

Doug Johnson 1

I'm still sorting my photo files and found a thumbnail that was so similar
to the one I just posted for c/n 1250 a couple days ago that I decided
to open it and look at the tail number and found another mislabeled
photo I had confused N5383G with N5072Q so I will post this one also.

opened photo as #3 above and edited history file


Great Catalina photo!  I took N295LA into Catalina a few years ago and I am probably going down there again in early April...I heard it was difficult also...I don't get it...pretty easy airport...I suppose maybe a few folks have landed to the west in heavy winds and got a tad bit low...due to cliff on approach end...Flying 101...don't get too low in that situation... easy airport

Doug Johnson

Here are 4 pictures taken by Sara resized them 1024 pixels wide so they don't go off the side of the screen.

I suspect we will get some more pictures when the paint job is done and the registry mark is painted on.

Will they be 2'' or 12", I was talking with one of our Canadian members. He says that if he uses the 2" mark He has to paint the 24" letters under the left wing.

Doug Johnson

4 more photo by Sara

I will resize and open in the que above

Doug Johnson

Sara, thanks for the photos I resized them and moved over here to open them in the queue.

Andrew, If you care I really like the paint scheme its a variation of an original early 1200 series factory paint scheme.

And the shade of red, maroon I think is also great, another person I know of decided a similar shade of maroon would sun bleach to much and went with a different paint scheme altogether.

I also like your outline 12" numbers quite unobtrusive, I prefer 12" numbers since almost all Helios came from the factory with 12" numbers.

Do you intend to operate without gear leg fairings. I happen to know where you can probably get some brand new gear leg fairings.


Doug thanks for the comments.

The gear fairing are installed now. As for the red, if you are willing to take the time and maintain with the proper wax fading is almost none. All my plane are kept inside, this also helps a paint job last 20 plus years.  Now hopefully I can keep from scratching the red when I remove the cowling.   Pearl paints are almost impossible to match. 

Also to whoever might want new window.  LP plastics has the 1400 series aft windows but not the round one.  They should have the measurements for mine if anyone else wanted them.  There copilot window is several inches off and requires a lot of cutting and grinding. 

Doug Johnson

Andrew, You need to get your photographer Sara to add a picture with gear leg fairings.

Am I seeing retractable landing lts installed in the wings, and are they LED lts?


Well Andrew, it looks like you need to come back to Hawk Aircraft so I can take some more photos.

Thanks for posting all the photos Doug.

Sara @ Hawk

Doug Johnson

Here is 1 old photo and a recent photo of N5383G on a mask.

I will open them in the queue above as #6 a trigear and the last photo on the mask.