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c/n 1243, C-GXFA

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Doug Johnson:
13 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1243, built 03/67 as U-10D s/n 66-14341 for USAF, accepted 03/67, t/n “66-14341” USAF 56th SOP wing Nakhon Phanom until '?, USAF (Tactical Air Command) 388th Tactical Fighter Wing Korat Royal Thai AFB, Thailand until '?, USAF Air Materiel Command Sacramento Air Materiel Area McClellan AFB CA until 08/70, storage MASDC Davis-Monthan AFB AZ until 11/74, USAF declared excess 02/75, released from storage as N47046 03/75, transferred by Aid Excess Property Division, New Cumberland Army Depot, New Cumberland, PA to the Summer Institute of Linguistics (Jaars 35th Helio of 46) named ''Tillie III”, assembled from parts major components coming from USAF s/n 66-14341 reconfigured from military U-1OD to civilian H-295 using Helio Drawing 295-000-020 and FAA TC Data Sheet 1A8 Rev 21, converted 120 gal LR fuel system to civilian configuration, removed sling seat installed 6 Jarrs individual energy absorbing seats with brownline tracks, installed 1400 series instrument panel trapezoidal rear window dorsal fin 3,800lb upgross, baggage pod 7/800 series cargo door, and baggage door, sold '84, Lutheran Bible Translators CA, export EL-LBT Liberia Institute for Liberian Languages '97, dereg export rereg N7211Q Jaars sold 02/14, rereg N712TH new paint scheme (Yakutat Coastal Airlines) Hans Munich, Yakutat, AK sold 09/16 dereg 01/17, export rereg C-GXFA (special request for A) Silver City, YT Lance Goodwin (2nd Helio of 2) placed on Federal wheel skis currently stationed at Kluane research Station, Kluane Lake Yukon for Icefield Discovery Tours

post as C-GXFA

c/n 1243 as N7211Q

Below N7211Q c/n 1243 as it looked when it left Jim Metzlers shop after being refurbished

Below C-GXFA c/n 1243 at Kluane Lake, YT

Doug Johnson:
I found a couple pics at Yakutat air

Doug Johnson:
It appears that 1243 is for sale at Barnstormers $159K

If you want a set of Jarrs crash worthy energy absorbing seats this the place to get them, only problem you have to buy the whole airplane. I guess you could swap airplanes or seats then resell the A/C.

Included is a photo of the seats opened above. Interesting that the front seats have Lumbar support and the sling seat (5th and 6th) are replaced with individual seats. The sling seat in my opinion is for kids only, it is really uncomfortable.

A 1200 Helio with square Windows.    What a sin

Doug Johnson 1:
previous post as N12TH

c/n 1243, has changed hands again did a historical paragraph edit in the previous post

I have a couple pictures as well, the first is a picture that Jim Metzler posted a few days ago as an example of it being placed on a trailer, at that point it had just been returned from Liberia as N7211Q (I kind of like the sound of that Number) and was being refurbished by Jim so Jaars could sell it.

I opened them in the queue

The next picture is a Photo of 1243 as C-GXFA (special request for the A because they already owned C-GXFB) along with C-GXFB. Lance says GXFA is a big help but performance limited for takeoffs and landings above 6500' because it isn't turbocharged like C-GXFB.

Can anyone help with a picture of 1243 as EL-LBT?


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