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c/n 506, XW-PGB
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6 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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The first photo from the Dave Menard/Paul Paulsen collection shows a Helio with spurious tail number "83097" a number which follows the last number of a canceled contract for 4 Helios is a completely fictitious number it was painted very dark blue "looked black" (same as applied on CIA's Neptune and U-2 aircraft) may have become the second Helio 58-7026 in the next Helio contract and was later transferred to Air Asia (CIA).

c/n 506, s/n 58-7026 built 01/59 as L-28A for USAF accepted 02/59, tail/number “87026" went to  USAF Air Research & development Command at Edwards AFB Flight Test center CA 02/59, HQ Command Technical Research (joint USAF/CIA) Bollings AFB DC struck off charge 02/60, USAF released as N9793F (FAA file missing ?) sold 03/60, (Pacific Corp CIA) transfer 03/60, Air Asia rereg as B-835 Air America (2nd Helio of 29 acquired) Tainan Taiwan, accident(1) pilot lost control while landing on a training flight @ Okinawa-Okuma Airport Japan 03/60, incident engine damaged by ground fire an emergency landing was made by Ron Sutphin @ Ban Khan Dia Thailand 03/60, accident(2) made a hard landing @ unknown airstrip, Laos 03/61, accident(3) damage to fuselage @ (“16”) Phou Fa, Laos 05/61, flown back to Vientiane then ferried to Bangkok repaired and returned to service at Vientiane the next day, accident(4) while landing due to restricted visibility in bad weather @ (LS-15) Ban Na Laos 08/61, parts from unknown555” (not c/n 555) used to rebuild it 3/62, rereg as B-865 Air Asia Tainan, probably flown as unpolished bare aluminum “865” for an undetermined period of time after China and Laos broke off diplomatic relations in mid-1962, accident(5) just as aircraft was about to touchdown pilot lifted up to avoid horses on the runway then crash-landed on the other side of them @ (LS-20A) Long Tieng Laos 12/62, accident(6) badly bent @ (LS-89) Ban Vieng Laos 05/63, accident(7) made a hard landing @ unknown airstrip Laos 06/63, accident(8 ) on takeoff after hitting small trees crashed onto the mountain side @ Phu Bia mountain Xiangkhouang Province, Laos 03/65, accident(9) while landing lost control due to brake faileure @ unknown airstrip in Laos 05/66, incident made a successful emergency landing after engine failure @ (LS-62A Hong Sa Laos 08/66, accident(10) on takeoff due to cross winds @ (V-02) Bien Hoa S/Vietnam 03/67, incident engine damaged by ground fire after a successful emergency landing on a road, during recovery by a US Army Chinook, it was dropped and more substantial damage was incurred @ near (V-169) Long Xuyen S/Vietnam 10/67, incident damaged when backed into by a vehicle while parked @ (V-17) Can Tho S/Vietnam 04/68, accident(11) propeller blades hit an object during run up @ Saigon Airport S/Vietnam 12/68 sold 5/69, as XW-PGB Air America Vientiane Thailand until 08/71, placed in inactive storage Tainan Taiwan until 03/74, reg cancelled sold to Aviation Associates in Manila, Philippines used for parts

below “83097” photo of Helio with spurious t/n that was used on another a/c type. Painted Very Dark Blue looked
black (as applied on CIA's Neptune and U-2 aircraft) probably 58-7026

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Re: c/n 506, as "87026"
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This is kind of interesting picture because it shows 3 Helios in the background for a total of 4, supposedly the USAF only had 3 Helios '58-7025', '58-7026' and '58-7027' total, and by 2/60 all three were with the CIA and had different paint schemes. According to USAF records the first of the Helios '62-3604' of the 2nd contract of 6 more didn't arrive until 12/60, a 10 moth gap. But with the CIA records who knows what is going on here. '62-3604' was an off the shelf purchase so maybe the USAF had '62-3604' in their possession for a period of time, before they actually purchased it.

The Helio on the left in the background does sort of look like a civilian paint scheme different from the others.

I will open the picture 4th in the queue above.
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Re: c/n 506, XW-PGB
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This is really a beautiful photo.  Sharp. 


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Re: c/n 506 as B-865
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found another picture 0f c/n 506 as B-865.

Too bad I don't have enough info to tell for sure wnich accident it was, but possibly it was accident #5 because it is still marked B-865. The 'B' was removed on the majority of the Air America Helio's in mid 1962. Also accident #6 was listed as badly bent so possibly this was the crash landing 12/62.
Still need a photo of the a/c as XW-PGB.

Opened this photo as #6 above