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c/n 1228, N9185Z
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12 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about N9185Z or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 1228, built 05/67 as model H-295, original registry N6336V Roger Collinson CA sold '69, Ramsey Investment & Recreation Properties Inc (Richard Ramsey) CA sold '72, Jaars NC (26th Helio of 46) named “Ole Millie B” install 3,800lb upgross, 7/800 series cargo door, Brownline seat tracks, energy absorbing seats & several other STC's installed 1400 series dorsal fin dereg export '75, rereg as OB-M-1000 Peru (Instituto Linguistico de Verano) placed on floats '88, rereg OB-1000 Peru Jaars sold '02, dereg export rereg as N9185Z Daryl Neidlinger GA sold '11, Richard Schmidt Medford, OR Accident partial ground loop while landing in 90o right crosswind. A/C departed the runway to the right, the left gear dug into the dirt causing A/C tail to move quickly to the left, the left wing tip and stabilizer tip contacted the ground. Left aileron was damaged and skin wrinkled on left wing. @ Grants Pass, OR 7/16 repaired sold 7/18, Alan Sikes [Sikes Farms (2nd of 2] Collins, GA installed larger tail with 337 based on 7/800 optional large tail wheel and also placed on shaved Bushhawk 29x11 tundra tires


Below in 'Old Millie' on floats in Peru which means it is probably as OB-M-1000

below 'Old Millie" Mexican mountains in background

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Re: c/n 1228, N9185Z
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found a photo of 1228 as N6336V at Aviation International archives, poor quality but does show original paint scheme before a 1400 series paint scheme was applied.
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Re: c/n 1228, N9185Z
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Len just informed me that 1228 had an accident a couple days ago anyone know more?

NTSB Identification: GAA16CA366

Accident while landing ground loop substantial damage no other details @ Grants Pass, OR 7/10/16

anyone have a current photo since it was sold to Richard ?

anyone know if their is an accident photo

updated the accident info added Kathryn's report info 

Anyone know How serious the accident was, is it repairable?

Evan R. Smith

Re: c/n 1228, N9185Z
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The accident was a partial ground loop. The wind was 90 degrees from the right on landing and the aircraft departed the runway to the right. From the pictures of the ground track it looks like the left gear dug into the dirt and caused the aircraft's tail to move quickly to the left resulting in the aircraft contacting the ground on the left wing tip and left stabilizer tip. The left aileron was damaged in the process. There are some wrinkles on some of the skins of the left wing. It looks very fixable.

Jim Metzler just returned from inspecting the aircraft.

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Re: c/n 1228, N9185Z
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Thanks Evan edited accident above.

also received an e-mail

Jim Metzler  and crew is helping out with repairs. Hopes to be back in the air in September. Said a slow speed ground loop with some wind activity. So good news for a change.

I'm glad to hear it was a repairable accident.

Did almost the same thing myself, in a left crosswind. I called it a swerve to the right,
and my gear didn't dig in when I left the runway but right stabilator and wing tip had
some minor scrapes also missed all runway lights.

I contacted the tower because I was on the wrong side of the runway. It took them a
long time to respond, I think there was probably a discussion on whether I should
report an accident.
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Re: c/n 1228, N9185Z
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opened the photos in the queue at the top of the page

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Re: c/n 1228, N9185Z
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Allen sent me a couple of current pictures of c/n 1228, N9185Z placed on tundra tires and larger tail wheel, interesting that just looking at the a/c the tail wheel looks like the normal size with proper angle of attack.

Opened the photos above at bottom of picture queue.

Below is what Allen had to say about the tail wheel.

Russel did a lot of work with Tom at "The Landing Gear Works" to make up a larger tail wheel fork and wheel based on the option available on the 700/800 series. He did a paperwork piggyback on what he was doing on the STC he had for 180/185s. He did Russels fork and wheel and made a second one at the time. I bought it, submitted a pile of paperwork and believe it or not got a field approval from the Atlanta office over a year later. Lots more flotation vs the original.

I still think a Log book entry saying Installation of Factory optional Tail Wheel using parts produced under owners supervision would have been enough but I guess the 337 covers all bases.

I have heard that the larger tail wheel puts more stress on the shimmy dampener and if so, then a recent post about shimmy dampeners may be of interest click on

Compare original and new size in photo.
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Re: c/n 1228, N9185Z
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Found some pictures of 1228. Two as N9185Z with Mexican mountains in background and one on floats with the picture caption say in Peru which means it is probably as OB-M-1000