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c/n 1208, N99PM

Started by Doug Johnson, April 04, 2015, 08:42:29 AM

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Doug Johnson

5 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1208, built 05/66 as model H-295 original registry N6317V (ntu, special registry requested) N269E [(probably Ezra 2:69) previously used on c/n 2513, reused on c/n 1286, currently used on c/n 1292] reg assigned by factory for Rev Robert Bryan, Marine Assoc (Gus Bullock dealer) MA sold 08/66, Rev Robert Bryan (Quebec Labrador Mission [Catholic order (2nd Helio of 6)] MA attended OEM Mahatten Air Support Stol Fly in 11/66, accident engine failed during take-off climb and the aircraft collided with trees during the forced off airport off airport landing carburetor finger screen was found to be plugged with dirt, rust and hairs and could not screen water. Aircraft had been fueled from 5 gallon jerry cans @ Topsfield-Hood Pond Airport MA 09/67 sold '68, Alvin Davis Jr MA rereg N6344V (previously used on c/n 1286) repaired previous mishap cowl, fire wall, tail cone, fuselage, stabilator and wings, installed hyd wheel skis, 1400 series individual seats in front, a K-17 vertical camera, a K-24 oblique camera and a laser profiler for aerial surveying sold '71, rereg N99PM Phillip Murray NH placed on amphib floats accident during a landing on water, the pilot forgot to retract the landing gear and the aircraft nosed over in the water @ Forge Village MA 5/75 sold, Glenn Pratt AK accident unreported or investigated damaged cowl, windshield, wing slats and wing carry-through @ unknown place and time, repaired next accident during the traffic pattern for landing, the engine failed and a hard landing was made after an improper round out during an off-airport forced landing. The crankshaft timing gear, Wood ruff Key part no. STD-858, had failed @ Scottsdale AZ 11/77 sold, L.J. Hassett (Shawn Construction) AZ sold '86, Pinnacle Paradise Inc AZ failed export to Mexico sold '87, Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) SC sold '88, MoeJoe llc (Tim Greene 1st black Helio of 2) NC accident landing no details @ Cashiers NC 3/05, repaired used all black paint scheme next accident on takeoff no details @ Cashiers NC 10/08, repaired then accident aftermaking a wheel landing and lowering the tail wheel, the aircraft yawed to the right and ground looped, damaging the left wing, left aileron and left horizontal stabilizer @ Clemson SC 2/09 wreck sold, G-Dawg llc (Gary Schmidt) repaired damage then accident during the descent for landing, the engine lost power. The pilot was able to restore power for a few seconds, but the engine then failed. The pilot set up for a glide to the airport, but with a headwind, he realized that he couldn’t make the strip and executed a forced landing in a field. The gear struck the top of a tree and the aircraft pitched down and impacted the ground, sustaining substantial damage to the fuselage and tail. The engine had failed due to fuel exhaustion (probably fuel siphoning due to bad fuel fill cap gasket) @ Brasstown NC 6/11, Highlander aircraft Gary Schmidt Highlands, NC,  carries current registry sold 04/22, Dean OTT FL project in progress new registry pending

This is probably the Helio that was used for ideas during construction of High Lander Aircraft's 'SuperStol' Airplane.

Manhatten fly in

Below, Helio c/n 1208 as N269E flown by Rev. Robert Bryan landing on Pier in New York


Doug Johnson

I just found a newspaper picture dated 11/66 of Rev Robert Bryan landing a Helio on a New York Pier and realized it has to be c/n 1208 as N269E which be bought in August of 1966.

I will open it at the top of the queue above.

and looked up the liink to the Manhatan fly in and found a picture that i hadn't identified before for some reason. I'll post it here and at the rev Robert Bryan post


Doug Johnson

added link to manhatten fly in with picture of N269E at bottom of article

Doug Johnson

Just found out N99PM has changed owners and has moved from NC to FL.

it is a now a project in progress.


Doug,  Could you reach out with a current email and phone number. Thanks

Bob Mikkelson
Winged Vision