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Doug Johnson

Rev. Robert Bryan
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I was loking for something to post about Helios and found this book it is a pretty good read
 this book by Robert Bryan with some previews are here at this link.

Robert Bryan
The Flying Parson of Labrador and the Real Story Behind Bert and I

I read everying here looks like I'll wind up buying the book.

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Re: Rev. Robert Bryan
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Hi Doug-  A few years ago a we went up to Greenville, Me, for the annual Seaplane Flyin there which featured lots of float planes and a banquet, floatplane races and contests, etc.  Arriving at the hangar at the airfield for  banquet night in the big hangar I noted the place was packed and there was a "Free Drinks" Line.  I got in the line and delegated to my friend the responsibility of finding some interesting people to share a table with.  When I found him shortly we were seated and my table Mate was Bob Bryan although I did not know him until then.   We had an interesting evening while I learned allot about him and his tales of "The Flying Priest of Labrador" and his many years of experience with Helios.  (I think he had three. ) A most interesting man.  He did not mention "Bert and I" but after I found his book I learned more of the story.  The story of "Bert and I" is relevent to anyone from New England, esp. Maine, and is important to the whole story of the Flying Priest.  A good read for anyone interested in the shore culture of Quebec and LaBrador but also for the pure humanity of it with the bonus of float planes and Helios.  A tale from a remarkable man.
Cheers/  Bob Wallace



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the last pics  is a Helio

Doug Johnson

Re: Rev. Robert Bryan
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Thanks Dennis
I did a screen capture of three pictures in the video and I'll open them here. I can't really tell which of the 5 Helios that Robert flew, that this is, because all except the last 2500 were registered as N269E except that it's not one of the two 2500s.

I think it is probably c/n 1292

Anyone remember which of the three 1200 series Helios Robert landed on the New York pier?
Edit: I just figured it out looking at the date on the newspaper it has to be c/n 1208 because Robert had recently bought c/n 1208 in August 1966.

The five Helios that Robert flew at different times were these below.
c/n 1208

c/n 1286

c/n 1292;topicseen#msg4270

c/n 2513;topicseen#msg4513

c/n 2531;topicseen#msg4571

Below Helio c/n 1208 that Robert had recently purchased in August 1966

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