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c/n 1201, N80TH

Started by Doug Johnson, March 31, 2015, 08:05:59 AM

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Doug Johnson

10 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1201, built 02/65 as model H-295, original registry N5449E Factory built using H-395 cowling without cowl mounted taxi/landing lts used retractable landing/taxi lt in wings, Helio Aircraft Western Distributes inc (O.B. Deatsch) CA installed aerial survey equip sold '69, Ted Cooper (Sabre Exploration corp) TX sold '74, Ramon Gandia (Nome Flying serv) AK removed crosswind gear installed skis sold '75, John Roberts placed on Edo 3430 floats SC sold '81, J.E. Johnson III KT sold '84, United Underground Cables (Mike Lazare) WI sold '88, dereg export rereg C-FCWP Bing Pelly NL sold '93, dereg export rereg N111LD Buck Moravec CA sold '98, dereg export rereg C-GBYA Fernand Guillemette QC accident the A/C was making a water takeoff when the pilot was surprised by a strong crosswind. The pilot tried several different maneuvers to gain more altitude. The plane sat down very hard on the water and one of the floats was damaged causing the plane to began to sink. The pilot was able to use the engine to bring it close to shore and the two people on board were able to get out but got wet making there way to shore. They were suffering from the first stage of hypothermia when located by an Armed Forces search and rescue helicopter a few hours later @ 35NM northwest Chute des Passes QC 09/00  sold '04, Louis Grenier QC placed on hyd wheel skis with beaver tail ski using one time STC placed on wipline 3450 amphibious floats with ventral fin removed from floats sold '09, Andre Bernier QC sold 12/14, Francis Tremblay, Roberval QC sold 10/20 dereg export, rereg N80TH Calvin Hackwell Enoch Utah



Doug Johnson

I noticed in pictures that 1201 and 1202 are two 1200 series H-295 with H-395 style cowling (no landing and taxi lt), the retractable landing lts are quite noticeable on 1201.  It caught my attention because 2501 through 2505 also have the retractable landing lts.


Notice the big beaver ski at 90 degrees from flight direction.  Yes, it is me that did not attach the ski


On LSTC one time STC on wipline 3450 amphibious floats

Without the additional belly fin it was just impossible to land on a crosswind runway




Helio are good in snow.  From the 250, to 295, or 391, never seen one in bad situation

Doug Johnson

I am curious is the ventral fin more effective than the 1400 series dorsal fin, because of tail down landing configuration?

Added your info to the history.



Hmmmmm.  When we did flight testing for the LSTC, we did it on BYA.  Without that bigger dorsal fin of the 1400 series.  Then we switched the LSTC to ZZL.  But i never tried ZZL without the ventral fin.   Just missed the fact that it could had work without the ventral fin.  You did not missed it !

I don't think that the ventral could be detrimental anyway.  Amphibious are different on one aspect than straight floats.  They do have to land on runways with possible crosswind.  When you flight test a straight floats, you do it mainly in the air:  looking how well it flies, at cruze speed, but also at slow speed.  Checking it won't go from left to right at cruse, and that it won't start to slip sideways at slower speed.  Like the tail slipping first toward the ground.  We did figure it out that with the spoilers, no spin could happen anyway.  The spoilers being effective more than a fin.  And as for water landing, you do test it with minimal crosswind capability since 99% of the time you can manage to land it with the wind in the face.  I figure that an Helio could be mounted on floats without supplemental tail area like a Beaver, Oter, Pilatus etc have to put on.  Besides a Cub, i don't really know any aircraft that does not need more tail surface on floats.  Helio with their spoilers could be able to fly without a fin.

But when you trie it amphibious, with a crosswind, the effect of the ailerons, the spoilers, and the fact that you have more sideways surface on the front of the aircraft makes the situation pretty chalenging.  With a gust of wind, the nose go away from the crosswind, pointing the aircaft on the wrong side of the runway, making the plane slipping sideway, and with a very long time to be able to realign it.  I did tried to control the plane by making grimace with my mouth, but it did not work.  So we went with a supplemental ventrail fin.  And now i can take whaterver crosswind on a runway.  Well, until a future flight prooves the contrary. 

I remeber a youtube about a Beaver crashing from Lake Hood, at the last seconds you can see the tendency of the aircraft to slip tail first to the ground.  When that starts, there is nothing you can do to stop the slide.  More surface in the tail section will prevent that.

So maybe the dorsal fin could be sufficent for the floats installation.  I am sure it would be perfect in the air, or on the water.  But on a runway, i won't try it.  Been almost there   :-)


louis, what wheel skis are you running on the helio they look like awb.  how well do they work? and what kind of conditions?   I have a set of flilite 4000 i was hoping to get on mine someday how does the helio do on the flilites ?


My 391B i have a AWB 3500   
works perfectly
Louis on 295 and Jean on 250 have AWB 3500 too


denis, i recognize that cowl that is the composite cowl..  I have the second cowl that was built along with that one sitting in my hangar it has never been installed.    I also picked up a very nice original 391b cowl with another project.  I wonder how the fli-lite 4000 will do on a hello? wondering if any yolk modification needs to be done for the canted gear?


301 Stol
The cowl in composite is not very good  the opening on side are not at the good place to produce a down draft
the louve make turbulence on the cowling and the engine come hot very fast when I taxi
if you are interested to sold your metal cowling i am interested
I have the nose and the bottom but not the top of the cowling
give me a message on the site 
have a good day

Doug Johnson 1

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#1201 C-GBYA, H-295 For Sale $200K at Barnstormers

Previously for sale at 'Sky-4-Buy' asking $174.7K reduced to $169.5K on or off Floats, Skis to sell separately if not sold A/C will to go to auction.

Anyone know, did some one buy this A/C at auction and it and it is now being resold at Barnstormers?             

See Louis previous post

I will open the photos in the queue at the top of the page