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Doug Johnson

c/n 1008, N4195D
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9 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1008, built 07/62 as H-395A, original registry N4195D Dennis & Chris Branham (Branham Adventures) AK (1st of 9 acquired) placed on wheel skis modified with removal of EDO 2870 Floats and installation of Airglas 2800 Floats placed in Normal/Restricted Category for external loads at 3,180lb CofA (Restricted - External Load Operations valid in AK only), The external loads allowed are; a) a boat on the right float support struts; b) a canoe on one or both sides of the float support strut, maximum length 16'; c) dimensional lumber on top of the floats or spreader bars, maximum length 18 feet long, one square foot frontal area and 300lb weight; d) Plywood on one or both sides of the float support struts, total maximum dimensions not more than 2' wide, 12 feet long, one square foot frontal area and 300lb weight; IE) Moose horns on right float and spreader bar on one right float only, placed on tundra tires, converted to H-395 (GO-480) in '83, accident pilot on wheels landed on runway that was covered with 18 to 30 inches of snow shortly after touchdown the aircraft nosed over @ Shellerbager Pass AK 8/84, removed Edo 2870 floats installed larger Edo 3430 floats installed 3,300lb up-gross, removed from floats, installed larger Zaegel tail wheel fork for 600 X 6 tailwheel (Branham Adventures Royal Wolf Lodge) Chris & Linda Branham (Avian Air llc) Lake Hood Anchorage, AK installed baggage door '15, leased by Mike McCray & Bob Gill (“70o North Air Taxi Services”) currently based Dead Horse and Happy Valley AK occasionally seen in television series “Life Below Zero”


In background on left N295BA c/n 1409 on right N47055 c/n 570 with paint scheme similar to c/n 1008

It appears that the rudder from c/n 570 has been placed on c/n 1008 see first photo

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Jason Stephens

Re: c/n 1008, N4195D
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I always thought 95D was a good looking airplane!  Here's a pic I took of it a while back.  BTW those are 98D's original floats in the background in one of those photos.  Dad sold them to Mr Branham after we moved to AZ

Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 1008, N4195D
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I found some photos with a nice background so thought I would post them for something to do.

I looking for a photo I thought I had of N4195D as an H-395A with original paint but i can't find it, so I guess we still need one.

I will open them in the photo queue above
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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 1008, N4195D
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I resized Jason's photo and opened it above along with another picture of c/n 1008 on floats.

We still need an original photo of c/n 1008 as a H-395A before conversion to a H-395 with GO480 engine and three bladed prop.

I will open them as 2 and 3.