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c/n 057, PT-CDF
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4 pics check your albums it would be nice to have at least one photo in original paint scheme. Maybe Jaars will share something.
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c/n 057, built 08/57 as model H-391B original registry export YV-T-ETV Cesar Zapata Padron, Caracas Venezuela, Aeroactivades Venezolanas sa, Aeropuerto, Cividad Bolivar, SALTA inc (John Bogair) 12/59, dereg export rereg N9337R Joaquin Garcia FL sold 2/61, Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) CA (Jaars 12th Helio of 46) named ''Spirit of Philadelphia'' 07/63, export dereg 05/64 after being grounded by authorities rereg PT-CDF Fundacao Universidade de Brasília, (SIL affiliate) Brazil sold 12/75, Orivaldo Vilela Coimbra, Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo sold '84, Fares Baptista Pinto, Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo sold '96, Adhemar Rodrigues Cacheiro, Braganca Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil sold 05/00, Companhia aérea TAM Museum (in storage outside not on display).

looks like a restoration project never finished wings are in background of first picture

I just did a Google search “Helio SIL Brazil”  quite interesting I wonder if any of this is true, maybe there are reasons Jaars won't share anything they sure don't seem to be refuting any of the allegations.

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Re: c/n 057, as N9337R
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Placed a poor quality picture of ''Spirit of Philadelphia'' c/n 057 taken 07/63 in Brazil as N9337R as number 1 in queue above, apparently this was before Brazil grounded the aircraft and forced SIL to register the a/c as PT-CDF.

Picture was found at one of the Jaars social media pages it was pretty small and when blown up it lost a lot of quality.

Anyone have a better picture to replace this one?

And we still need a picture of c/n 057 as YV-T-ETV Venezuela.
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