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c/n 1005, N12TB
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5 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1005, built 02/6 as model H-395A original registry N4171D (FAA file lost ?), dereg export 2/61, CF-MYQ Lacroix Lumber Ltee, Carleton sur Mer QC '?, Goodfellow Lumber ltd (Charles Goodfellow) QC sold '71, dereg export N12TB Thomas Bishop (Southwest Paracenter) TX converted to H-395 (GO-480) sold '71, A.C. & James Gibson TX sold '72, Janet Thomson IL incident damaged in windstorm '74 sold '75, Linda Brazil NV sold '86, Streeper wood UT sold '07, (Gadianton Robbers) Richard Pratt Salt Lake, UT

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Re: c/n 1005, N12TB
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About the elephant.  It is the logo of this very good wood company. Goodfellow.  Here in Quebec.  The guy who did own this Helio for some times.   They make flooring that can be installed without any glue, resistant to water, impervious to mildew, and strong enough an elephant can walk on it

I met and done business with some of the family members a thousand years ago.  Fine people.  Good crosscountry skiers too.  I think they were norwegian origin before coming to Quebec


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Re: c/n 1005, CF-MYQ
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Another preview image of c/n 1005 under Canadian registry, hopefully I can replace it with a better one in a few days.

Anyone have any idea what the elephant represents?

I also just noticed the three bladed prop according to the file I have the c/n 1005 was not converted from a GO-435 engine to the GO-480 until it was exported back to the US.

I thought Transport Canada was real touchy on modifications to the type certificate.

replaced preview photo with better B/W photo

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Re: c/n 1005, N12TB
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added last picture to the queue above just because.