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c/n 636, N101BL
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6 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 636, built 03/64 as U-10B s/n 63-13183 for US Army, t/n “63-131383” USAF accepted 03/64, USAF Struck off Charge released to US Army 06/64, Army lease to (CIA) Air America  as “183” (23rd Helio of 29 acquired) accident(1) the pilot failed to see and avoid a taxi obstruction @ an unknown place 07/65, accident(2) made a hard landing @ Ban Cha in Laos 09/65, accident(3) taxied into a fuel drum, damaging the propeller @ (LS-69A) Ban Xieng Lom Laos 02/66, accident(4) during an aborted takeoff damaged the left main landing gear and wing, the prop and the engine @ (LS-153) Moung Kassy 05/67, accident(5) brake problems caused the aircraft to ground loop resulting in several wrinkles in the crash-cage/fuselage @ Sam Thong (LS-20) Laos 10/67, incident a fast moving thunderstorm with winds of more than 70 knots passed through damaging several Helios including “183” wrinkled skin @ Vientiane’s Wattay airport, returned to the US Army 06/69, ?, '72 used by US Army Attache (ARMA) Vientiane as “183” and was supported by Air America at least between 1/73 and 1/75, leased as HS-CHF Thailand Sky of Siam Co. Ltd 1/76, sold by USA Sales Contracting Officer Sales Office (Sagami) Defense Property Disposal as N101BL, Akamai Aviation Inc (Gayle Gardner) HI sold '76, Norman Yett & Gayle Gardner installed Rayjay/Riley Turbochargers sold '94, Michael Steel CA sold '95, King Kona productions inc HI, shown towing water skiers destroyed while filming movie “Waterworld” deliberately crashed in final scene, incident deliberately crashed on takeoff in final scene by blowing explosive bolts that attach floats to fuselage @ area four miles from Universal city CA, salvage sold to Steve Murray CA estate auction sold wreck to Benny Meyers in AK for parts (4th of 6), Michael Steele owns data plate

            (Helio mockup c/n 1274 (66-14372) used in green screen studio shooting sold '95 to Steve Murray, his estate sold '18 Benny Meyers for parts.

I was supposed to get a photo of c/n 1006 the first known use of a Helio to tow water skiers while with Northwest Safari Lodge. But it hasn't happen yet maybe I'll eventually get one.

printing on side probably says Air Ameica after being leased to "AA''

Paint scheme is post apocolypse urban camoflauge

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Re: c/n 636, N101BL
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Added a couple photos, I found one at an Air America site. At first I thought they were all lining up to try to get in then realized they were just getting out of the rain, another benefit of high wing airplanes.

It appears the print on the side of the a/c says Air America instead of U.S. Army attache like the first photo since the a/c was leased to Air America.
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Re: c/n 636, N101BL
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Steve Murray told me a story 10 years ago or so that he put together a second Waterworld Helio that was used for green screen studio shooting.  Thats all I know. Be interesting to learn more.