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c/n 627, N910SP

Started by Doug Johnson, March 22, 2015, 04:17:00 AM

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Doug Johnson

19 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 627, built 01/64 as U-10B s/n 63-13174 for US Army t/n “63-13174”, USAF accepted 01/64, struck off charge released to US Army special forces 01/64, Ft Bragg NC possibly used in Philippines by joint CIA/Special forces '?, US Army released 07/76 as N910SP donated GA Dept of Public Safety GA State Patrol, Atlanta GA converted from U-10B to civilian H-395 by Fulton Air Service (L.C. Rugim ?) GA '80 sold '80, Howard Baird FL sold '84, Wallace Craig TX sold '94, Jasper Christian Church (Harvey McCorkle, Curt Ross, & Raymond Bowell) MO install 3,800lb up-gross failed export to Philippine Mission Churches of Christ of Northern Luzon inc, Aparri Cagayan Philippines sold '95, James Ehrhart AK placed on PK 3500 floats placed on Airglass 3600 wheel skis sold sold '97, Inland Aviation (Steve Hill) placed on floats registered in restricted category for external loads valid AK only accident the aircraft departed Hangar Lake, Bethel. Upon reaching 50 feet altitude, the pilot retracted the flaps, the aircraft lost lift and landed in Little Hangar Lake, coming to rest with the left wing and left empenage partly submerged. The aircraft was over-loaded and out of CG, with the cargo not tied down @ Bethel AK 7/98, next accident the pilot attempted a takeoff from a confined area of the Iditarod River. During the takeoff run he determined that he would not be airborne prior to a sharp turn in the river. He aborted the takeoff and ran aground on the river bank @ Bethel Alaska 9/06, Inland Aviation (Steve Hill) Aniak AK installed H-295 cowling with landing Lts '13, Inland Aviation (son in law Mike Renfro) AK rereg 06/14, Michael Renfro, Bethel AK accident on takeoff while returning from moose hunt overloaded with a/c on floats pilot was unable to gain sufficient airspeed to clear trees moderate damage to wings @ Bethel AK 9/15, Insurance co sold salvage 10/16, Ben Meyers (2nd of 6) AK floats removed repaired using wings from c/n 2512 completed 07/17 Anchorage AK rereg 08/17 removed floats returned to coventional (Helio reverse tricycle gear) with tundra tires, installed LED landing lts, replaced on floats for a short time, but now back on wheels


Doug Johnson

pointed out by Len H. Sept was bad month for Helios in AK

anyone know more on this accident

NTSB Identification: GAA15CA268
Accident occurred Friday, September 18, 2015 in Bethel, AK
Aircraft: HELIO H 395, registration: N910SP
NTSB investigators will use data provided by various entities, including, but not limited to, the Federal Aviation Administration and/or the operator, and will not travel in support of this investigation to prepare this aircraft accident report.

Index for September 2015


Doug Johnson

couple pics  and edit looks like Ray Dorcey has another project in store for him

I liked the comment in the u-tube video, old moose hunter joke last years airplane C-185 this year the Helio was able to make an additional 100 yds.


Interesting video.   I gather that the cause was overloading?   They did get airborne but looks like the slats never retracted which means (on my Helio) that they never got over 50 knots.  Did not hear any change in engine power and engine was still running on the ground and prop looks straight afterward.  I did not hear the pilot give any warning of impending crash.Looks like they intended to go back to the site on another trip as there was some gear left on the shore.  Will be interested to hear what they say happened.
    IMportant to remember though that the Helio is designed and built to absorb such a crash at low enough speed so all stand a chance of surviving.  All of those low speed/control devices are there to allow the slow flight.  Glad they are all OK. 
   Will be interested to learn more- are floats and attachments intact?  Are wing attach fittings still OK?  Looks like the slats took it hard-what about the rest of the wing?
   Thanks /Bob Wallace


On floats, i prefer to put more flaps than slats.  More flaps means less angle of attack from the floats.  More slats means more drag from the float.  From the photo, flaps seems a little on the short side.  On wheels, the difference between flaps or slats on total drag seems less drastic.  But i don't think it would had make a differnce here.  I don't understand why it wasn't going up.  They even don't look overweight.  Is this 395 with 120 or 60 gallons tank ?

Doug Johnson

I only see 2 fuel tanks in the picture. My files have this military contract as all 60 gals and nothing in the FAA file shows a conversion to 120 gals so no good reason to be overloaded.

only 4 large men. It looks almost like they turned toward the trees?

Here are 4 better screen captures by William. see above


Jason Stephens

I'd like to hear the pilot's story too.  More proof of the safety of the Helio design I think.


It looks repairable     But very expensive.  Like to see how much more damage was done with the retrieval.  Most of the time that is when more of the damage is done

Doug Johnson

latest update on c/n 627 from Len and I've attached the article Len sent (see highlighted portion near bottom).

sharing e-mail

Hi Doug,  hope all is well with you,

I happened to be reading an article on a woman charged with shooting a bear illegally in Alaska and recognized a name “ Michael Renfro” who owns C/N 627 was also charged. Potential confiscation of the airplane is also mentioned.  Who knows, maybe there could be another Helio up on the auction block.
He’s sure not had a very good 2015 year, having crashed the plane as well.

I’m actually going to start working on 1411 right after Christmas,  my goal is to have it together and flying this summer, hopefully.   Will send you pictures of the progress as it happens.

Enjoying everything you keep adding to Fly Helio,
Merry Christmas


Len, Thanks for update.



Funny storie.  Thanks !!

Doug Johnson

added a couple pics and updated history

Doug Johnson 1

edited history paragraph above,

Insurance co sold salvage 10/16, Ben Meyers (2nd of 2) AK floats removed repaired using wings from c/n 2512 completed 07/17

I understand the owner hopes to eventually return it to floats

Doug Johnson 1

Since no one seems to want to post anything, here is something
Here are a couple pictures of the way it looks now
The first hunting trip to Montague last year interesting look at all the gear he was carrying
The second a hunting trip for sheep this year.

I opened the photos in the queue above at the bottom of the lineup


In that photo on the beach at Montague the tail cone looks pretty close to the sand.  Must have been soft to sink that far in.

Those situations make me nervous.  Pour on the throttle to taxi and I can feel my bank account get smaller as the sand erodes my prop blades.  At least that has been my soft(er) sand experiences.  Yet it still regularly find myself in the sand!

Looks like fun in both places though!