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c/n 626, N103CM

Started by Doug Johnson, March 22, 2015, 04:06:05 AM

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Doug Johnson

No picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

This A/C has a current registry anyone know Francis Fowler, maybe a picture or two is available?

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c/n 626, built 01/64 as U-10B s/n 63-13173 for US Army t/n “63-13173”, USAF accepted 01/64, struck off charge released to US Army special forces Ft Bragg NC until '68, Special Operations Command, 10th Special Forces Group, Fort Devens, Massachusetts '69-'74, US Army released 10/76 as N103CM donation to Central Missouri State University with the aircraft to be used as a teaching aid in both aircraft maintenance and flight training programs installed 3300lb upgross and a tow release hook and release handle sold '94, Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) SC sold '95, Seth Stallman TX sold '96, Ready Aim Flyer llc (Eliot Weiss) DE sold '02, Francis Fowler Pleasonton, TX


I have a couple of photos of this Helio, somewhere.

Let me do some inventory control here, and I'll scan one or two.


Doug Johnson

"I hope you actually do find the photos, I'm still waiting for the others."

Well never recieved the photos from Stephen.

but here is one Steve W directed me to.

we still need a civilian photo


Jason Stephens

So... I received an unusual call this morning from evidently the widow of Mr Fowler.  I guess Mr. Fowler passed away just a few months ago.  She is trying to locate their Helio, probably this one, that evidently they left in somebody's hangar in a storage container or crate.  Obviously, not either of mine.  Anyone know anythnig about their Helio?  I've got her contact info.