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c/n 585, N4XV
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7 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 585, built 02/63 as U-10B s/n 63-8092 for USAF 02/63, t/n "63-8092" USAF accepted Hurlburt Field 02/63, s/n 63-8092 transfer US Army 10th Special Forces Group 1st Battalion Bad Tolz Germany float plane until late '66 early '67, transfer USAF in Europe, USAF 7th ACS Sembach Air Base, Germany as float plane until (date unknown), returned to US Air Force Special Operations Command, 1st Special Operations Wing, 317th Special Operations Squadron, Eglin Air Force Auxiliary Field #9 (Hurlburt Field), FL (Code AO) until 05/72, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ for storage until 05/75, loaned as N87823 US Customs Air Support Branch, Naval Air Station, “Belle Chase” LA until 10/75, FAA advised that it was being turned over to General Service Administration for disposal and that it was “flyable transfer" '76, County of Chambers Health dept TX sold '80, E.A. Bigby (Big Bee Aviation) OR sold '80, rereg as N4XV (XV suggested by Ron Sutphin is defunct S/Vietnam registry prefix) Tom Teufel OR, Ron Sutphin helped convert from U-10B to civilian H-395 and modify fuel system to civilian configuration to utilize LR 120 gal fuel sys install 3,300lb up-gross sold '81, Marvin Grendahl AK placed on Edo 3430 floats installed individual front seats (1400 series) honeycomb floor boards fishing pole tube in rear bulkhead transfer '06, Helio II llc (Andrew Grendahl) Anchorage, AK, '14 re-register Helio II llc (Marvin Grendahl) Tucson AZ

                                                         For sale 907-244-8379 $118K ['19 still listed Helio II llc (Marvin Grendahl Trustee)]

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Re: c/n 585, N487823
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placed as 3rd photo above from KATARIINA SUTPHIN'S collection as N87823
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Re: c/n 585, N4XV
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#585, (63-8092), N4XV H-395 For Sale reduced to $118K OR BEST OFFER

link to previous post with history file click here;topicseen#msg6245

I'll open a couple pictures in the queue above.
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Re: c/n 585, N4XV
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I was sent a picture found at 'aircraftslides' while c/n 585 was with the 7th ACS at Ramstein AFB in '67.

I will open it in the queue at top of page

It was put up for sale in '14 for $160K by Andrew Grendahl, the price was reduced in '19 to $118K and it appears to still be for sale by Marvin Grendahl
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