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c/n 611, N9015B
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11 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 611, s/n 63-13168 built 10/63 as U-10A for USAF 10/63, USAF accepted 10/63 t/n “63-13168”, struck off charge released to US Army special forces 10/63, US Army special forces Ft Bragg NC until 02/72, struck off charge sent to USAF Davis-Monthan AFB AZ for storage released '74, US Army Troop Support and Aviation Materiel Readiness Cmnd '78, released as N9015B US Army (Owner) Fort Richardson Flying Club, (Operator) AK installed wheel ski's sold '82, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, WA sold '87, Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) SC sold '89, Roy Moore Gastonia, NC sold 3/18, CB Aircraft inc (Carey Beer) WV sold 04/18, (Chris Barone), CA reg 09/19, accident during landing the aircraft veered off runway and struck a tree with the aft fuselage. Damage includes, but not limited to, aft fuselage, vertical stab, cabin wing carry through, LH Flap. @ Branhams Airport (Darlington, SC, 7/19 reg revoked, insurance co repoed sold 01/20, rereg N9015B AJ's Aviation inc [Andrew Stolte (2nd of 2)] FL

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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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c/n 611, N9015B another face book photo pointed out to me, (first photo I've found, the 1400 series paint scheme and dorsal fin confused me at first)

Below, posted with the Facebook picture, was this comment,

"This Helio is simply going to rot into the pavement.
It was just moved out of a hangar here at KAKH... Has not flown in over 15 years (it looks like it too). Close up, it is really rough.
The owner does not want to sell it unless you buy the Aztec next to it.. GG

I may have seen this Helio in '82 at the Fort Richardson flying club, but I don't remember it, and it would have been gone shortly after I started flying there. I didn't start taking pictures of Helios until I owned one.

c/n 611 may have still been bare aluminum while at Ft Rich like c/n 608 recently identified as being a derelict, abandoned at Hopewell NJ. 608 was the Helio in the army contract just before c/n 611. Bare aluminum or simple 2 color civilian paint scheme was the standard on the 'Army Special Forces' Helios. Maybe Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, painted it with the 1400 series paint scheme during the 5 yrs they owned it.

I also just noticed the crosswind gear hasn't been removed on this airplane.
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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Well it appears that c/n 611 is not going to rot into the pavement this from Nathan Mackey

"Mike Mower and I went out to look at Helio N9015B at Gastonia, NC, on February 1st. I had met the owner previously but not this time. Last week I heard that it would be ferried to JAARS for an annual and ton of maintenance. A guy from CA bought it. No further details."

N9015B has finally changed owners. Anyone know who the guy from CA is, c/n 611 is still currently registered to Roy MOORE in NC.
I suspect the guy from CA is probably our newest member,    Helio611
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Jason Stephens

Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Great News.  Always better to have them flying than sitting.

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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Chris on 7/2/2019, took the liberty of resizing and opening your pictures here with c/n 611's History paragraph. By the way do you know who member Helio611 is it the previous owner, since you appear to be member 9015Bravo? Who is Casey Beer (I'm not sure where that came from) and does that have anything to do with CB aircraft inc.

Link to Chris' post

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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Right on. Carey beer bought it and sold it to me. Carey got it from Moore if I'm  not mistaken. Cb was his company. I have to send the new registration in. I don't know helio611


Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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All I know is i love flying this plane!

Kevin Dunn

Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Welcome to the crowd of fanatics! 

On your trip West, you could plan a fuel stop in Bolivar, MO (M17) and we could talk Helios. Our organization owns N6463V.

Have fun and be safe,



Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Welcome to the Family!

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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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I emailed Chris and we had some back and forth about take offs and Chris Happened to mention that it was a stretch for him to get full rudder.

I asked him if he checked the position of his rudder pedals and he informed me that he didn't realize they were adjustable, after checking he found they were in the full forward position.

I wonder if there are other Helio pilots out there that don't realize their rudder pedals are adjustable? if you still have bench seats instead of the individually adjustable seats this is more of a problem especially if you have short legs.

I flew my Helio for a couple years with the rudder pedals in the middle position because I didn't realize they were adjustable, in fact this was one of the reasons I installed 1400 series individually adjustable seats to help with this problem.

Has anyone else encountered this situation? 
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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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This made a huge difference.  Did it yesterday and it allowed me to sit without any pads or anything and have full authority of the rudders and breaks and I'm a 5'5 short legged creature.


Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Sadly it looks like this bird was damaged pretty Bad.

Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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copied three pictures will open them above

Helio kind of got bent up, if the accident date is correct Chris only got to fly it for about a month before it got bent up.

Insurance accident description says veered off runway during landing, It sounds like my experience on the first solo Helio FLT. I veered off the runway because I hadn't learned to steer it using the yoke and the interceptors, but there were no trees so I got away with it. Chris apparently hadn't leaned to steer it and there was a tree, damn it.
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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
« Reply #13 on: July 25, 2020, 06:14:02 AM »
I happened to notice that c/n 611 had been sold to AJ's Aviation so I edited the History paragraph above.

Andrew it appears you have 2 Helios now, is c/n 611 back in the air after repairs. We probably need a couple pictures. At least a photo of the owner next to his new to him Helio.
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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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I found a write up about the Armys 5th special forces group training at a lake near Simmons Army Airfield it has some low quality pictures of what I am pretty sure is c/n 611 s/n 63-13168. In the first picture if you enlarge the photo you can see what appears to be '63' unfortunately the rest of the number is blocked out by somones head, so it's not possible to positively identify the a/c as 611. But the Army only had only one Helio (that I know of) painted in a 1400 series paint scheme c/n 611, this is interesting too, because c/n 611 was built 10/63 but this paint scheme didn't appear until 10/67. These pictures were taken spring '74. So what did c/n 611 look like when it came from the factory? Most of the clandestine Helios had a 2 part simple paint scheme or no paint.

There is another good photo of a front view of a unknown U-10D that was used in the training, this is interesing also because the Army did not have any U-10D's, possibly the USAF loaned this U-10D to the Army.

There is also a fairly good picture of c/n 553 (63-13168) which was in storage at Davis Montham at the time of this article and was previously with 317th Special Operations Squadron, Eglin AFB and is probably USAF Air commandos doing similar training in '71.

I will post the picture of the U-10D in unidentified Helios maybe some one knows something, and I will post the photos of 611 here and open them at the top of the queue above and the special training at the bottom of the queue.

Andrew what is happening with c/n 611?
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