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Need Help On STC#SA2171CE

Started by Hafast, December 16, 2010, 11:59:45 AM

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Does anybody know how to get a hold of anybody in the Brent family? Does anybody know if Clarence or Sharon Brent are still around. What about Brentwing Engineering?
A friend of mine owns an H-800 and we are trying to aquire their STC for the metal gear legs for this plane. I have tried to call them, but the number is disconnected, and I sent them a letter and it came back undeliverable.



The Brent family is no longer as Clarence has long since passed. I can get that info for you, there was a AD placed on the original legs when all the laminations failed. That should have been rectified by now

Call Great Lakes Helio @ (920) 292-0824


I called the number and left a message.
I know about the AD and have a copy of it, and a copy of the STC.