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c/n 571, N818BS

Started by Doug Johnson, March 05, 2015, 06:00:33 AM

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Doug Johnson

6 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 571, built 11/62 as model H-395 original registry N4197D Nasca inc (Lawrence Reeve ?) ME sold '66, Edward Hampton NH accident aircraft wingtip hit the ground during takeoff the right aileron control cable malfunctioned due to contact with the metal pulley guard @ Wilmington-Carner Airstrip VT 11/67 insurance co took possession sold '68, Earle Cleare, Dr Harold Terry & Tommy Purcell FL prior to O6/78 1400 series trapezoidal rear windows installed by unknown person accident during flight, the engine began missing and started vibrating excessively, the pilot was forced to land in a swamp with sawgrass and the aircraft flipped inverted. The No. 3 exhaust push rod was missing and not found, but debris from the push rod shroud tube was found inside the engine compartment, near St. Marks FL 8/82 logs show it also appears to be the last flight sold 07/03, Higher Vision Aviation (Joe Salamone) DE sold 04/04, Bruce Stephens (B.J. Aircraft services) AK sold '05, re-reg N818BS Bruce Stephens (3rd of 3) (Arizona Soaring inc) transfer '09, Jason Stephens Maricopa, AZ expired reg, dismantled at Ak-Chin Regional, AZ, 10/16, restoration project being reassembled at Gosshawk Unlimited and is nearing end


Jason Stephens

Those early photos are great. Interesting that it had the square rear windows back then!  I had assumed that the previous owner had converted it recently.  I'll get some newer photos for you pretty quick. ;)

Doug Johnson

I overlooked the windows the first photo was taken 06/78 so trapezoidal rear windows installed by unknown person prior to 06/78

Doug Johnson 1

Found a current picture thought I would add it.

Jason Stephens

Project is being completed at Gosshawk Unlimited.  Wings should go on pretty soon. 

Jason Stephens

Wings are on.  Progress being made.  Thanks again to the community for the parts and advice that we have needed.

Doug Johnson 1

Thanks for progress photo starting to look like a Helio I opened it above in the photo queue.

Doug Johnson

Added color photo of c/n 571 as #2 in the photo queue, now you probably see original factory paint scheme

How about a current photo, now that it is nearly complete?

Has 571 flown recently, as in it's test flight?

Jason Stephens

Ser #571 is now flying again after many years.  Project isn't complete(is it ever?).  I still have to finish the interior and then paint but it feels great to hit this milestone.

Kevin Dunn

"Ser #571 is now flying again after many years." 

It is amazing how much can be said in so few words!! 



Great to hear another one is flying !

Jason Stephens

There are too many people who helped along the way to make this happen.  People like Jim Danish, Jim Metzler, David Maytag, Helio Alaska, Ken Noe, Gordon Cragg and of course Kevin Dunn who was good enough to come to AZ for the test flying and instruction.  Huge thanks to the gang at Gosshawk Unlimited that did most of the heavy lifting on the restoration. 

Barry Dechert

Congratulations! Nice to see some GOPRO! A lot of accolades to all involved.