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c/n 1279, N920AS
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1 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about N920AS or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 1279, built 07/67 as model H-295 original registry assigned N6328V (previously assigned to c/n 1219 ntu) Factory requests special registry for client reg 08/67, as N3SC South Carolina Law Enforcement Div accident pilot failed to maintain directional control during landing due to a lack of familiarity with the aircraft, which then ground-looped. The gear then collapsed because of overload @ Columbia SC 6/74, special registry removed rereg sold 06/74, as N94747 to River’s Inlet Resort inc (Robert Maschmedt) WA accident engine failed during traffic pattern on approach and aircraft sustained damage in the forced landing @ Port Orchard WA 2/75 placed on EDO floats, reg requested (N380B ntu) River’s Inlet Resort inc (Robert Maschmedt & Mike Lang) WA sold '79, reg N94747 Dale Walker WA sold '80, Ken Noe KY accident aircraft reportedly encountered airframe icing and subsequently stall/mushed into trees. Elevation at the crash site was about 4,500 feet, and was approximately 95 miles West of Redmond, Oregon. The pilot did not possess a fixed wing rating @ John Day OR 4/85 Ken Noe rereg N234AM repaired and installed GO-480-G1J6 with Bendix 1200 series mags and 24 volt electrical system and 1400 series Electric Flaps and Trim trapazoidal rear windows and dorsal fin sold '91, Michael Newman MD (Ltd Family Partnership) AK installed Airglas L-3000 wheel skis sold '01, rereg N920AS Alaska Sportsman's Lodge (Brian Kraft) AK accident the pilot was departing toward the west from a remote lake in a float-equipped airplane. The wind conditions at the time of his take-off were from the west at eight to ten knots. During the take-off run, the airplane came up on-step, but the pilot said he felt a wind change from a headwind, to a right quartering tailwind of about eight knots. He reported that he had already passed a point where he could safely abort the take-off, and he saw the airplane approaching the end of the lake. He said he rotated into a climb attitude and the airplane lifted off the water, but the bottom of the float assembly struck the edge of the lake bank. The pilot pulled the engine power to idle, and the airplane slid to a stop on the tundra @ Igiugig AK 8/02 sold '06, Independent Dusting Service inc Alan Thornton El Campo, TX installed Alaska Bush Wheels

can anyone get a picture from Mr. Thornton

These floats look like they were the inspiration for the color scheme on the Helio in WaterWorld
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I believe the owner is Mr. Alan THORNTON.
Mr. Alan Thornton is President for Independent Dusting Service, Inc
He is also the owner of TS96, El Campo Airpark Airport.

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OK Foster, I corrected the Mr. Thornton's mispelled name. Since you appear to know him maybe you can get a current picture.


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I for one am grateful for, and in awe of, the information that you have obtained and are documenting for all of us.  I think this forum could never give the accolades you deserve for the work you have done in these past months and continue to do.  Again Thank you for your work on our behalf.

I do not know Mr. Thornton but am trying to web surf more pictures and found the information.  I, like you, want to ensure the correct info is posted and I also added enough contributing information that Mr. Thornton may be contacted by someone in the forum.  I am hoping, since it is his primary business, that he might have tried to design or make a "rattler" type of crop duster.   

If we have anyone near San Antonio, Texas who could drop by TS96 or call Mr. Thornton, we would all appreciate that effort. If you know any missionaries or former soldiers that have pictures of the aircraft in their private albums that could be shared, again we would be appreciative of the effort.

I am planning a few summer trips to the California airports to to see if I can arrange a photo shoot of some of these missing aircraft. If I am successful, you will be the first to know.
Thank you again,
Rodney Foster

Doug Johnson

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Thanks for the help and any future cobtributions. I have had a lot of help. luckily I found Barry Collman he contributed a major portion of the information I post.
I just sort it out and cobble it together.
It really pleases me that you enjoy my efforts.


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Re: c/n 1279, N920AS
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photo from Lance of c/n 1279 as N920AS

looks better than the first photo and is a recent photo Oshkosh 7/18.

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