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I'll will make my case again for the third installment for a Helio Gathering at Oshkosh 2015. I have re-activated my Antique Classic membership at EAA and will move forward with the Type Club. I spoke with several board members yesterday and they would be interested in an assigned area for the Helio line-up, provided we have enough airplanes to make this a concentrated effort.

If any of you want to participate, reply here or get a hold of me elsewhere as posted below.

I will need to know soon as the events are already in progress.


Ill be in attendance...with or without plane

Dates please...I would love to be there Steve but as you know I travel quite alot....

7/20-7/26, 2015

If you would rather have the event elsewhere, we can do that as a type effort.

We can all fly into 68C


Bill Miller:
I will attend Airventure but my 391B is waiting for a prop hub AD in NY. My Lancair IV-P is N330FF.  Let's get together next week... . Last year I think I saw a couple of Helios, but didn't make contact with anybody. The classics house, just south of the show center line, has resources(and popcorn) but they did not have any info about a Helio meeting or contact. I wonder if we could arrange to land at the Heritage field, which has friendlier grass, for Helios?
Bill Miller


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