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c/n 541, RP-C2691
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6 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get

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c/n 541, built 11/61 as model H-395, original registry N4185D Tormac Associates inc FL (CIA) 11/61, export B-847 Air Asia co ltd Tainan (7th Helio of 29 acquired) 01/62, accident(1) made a hard landing in a crosswind @ unknown airstrip Laos 04/62, accident(2) undershot landing spot @ unknown airstrip Laos 04/62, flown as “847”, mid-62 after China and Laos broke off diplomatic relations, dereg export 04/63 sold to Marathon Aviation inc (CIA) FL, rereg as N28927 Marathon Aviation 7/63, dereg export India VT-DRJ 10/63 India Government, Ministry of External Affairs operated by the ARC Charbatia Air Base for clandestine supply missions 9/64, dereg exported Laos XW-PEA(1) Continental Air Service operated as “541” 03/66, leased to Boun Oum Airways 04/67, Pacific Corp (Air America), accident(3) tail wheel damaged on landing @ (LS-206) Houei Sang/H Laos 06/67, accident(4) made a hard landing @ (LS-50A) Phu Cum Laos 12/70, Air America removed from service 07/72, stored Vientiane Laos 11/73, stored Udorn Thailand 03/74, sold to Aviation Associates inc Manila Philippines exported as RP-C2691, unknown owner, accident never reported no details @ unknown place time, registry cancelled '84, sold New Tribes Mission and salvaged for parts, tailcone was hanging in New Tribes Mission hanger R/PI, sold as parts along with data plate '19 Benny Meyers AK (6th of 6) Tailcone was sold to Paul Lapoint now hanging in his shop

the 3 photos below with XW-PEA registry marks are probably the original XW-PEA(1) because the other two XW-PEAs c/n 1236 and 1247 were painted in Camo and were only temporary markings for clandestine missions

RP-C2691 below

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Re: c/n 541, RP-C2691
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Added a  photo. There were three XW-PEAs the three photos above are probably c/n 541 because the other two c/n 1236 and c/n 1247 were painted in Camo and were given the XW-PEA mark for a short time while being used for clandestine missions.
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Re: c/n 541, RP-C2691
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Here is a picture of the tail cone from c/n 541, RP-C2691 at a New Tribes Mission hanger I believe in Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Does any one know anything about its history after it was sold Aviation Associates inc Manila Philippines until its registry was cancelled '84.

Was their another owner or owners between Aviation associates in '74 and and the deregistry in '84?

When did and under what circumstances did New Tribes Mission acquire RP-C2691?

Anything at all, anyone?

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Re: c/n 541, as XW-PEA
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Here is a picture that I believe is c/n 541 as XW-PEA.

At first I thought it was c/n 087 XW-PBY one of the H-391s converted to H-395s then discovered that 87 was the first Helio  placed in the the experimental category to develop the 120 gal LR fuel system.

I then believed it might be c/n 075 because it had never had the long range fuel installed, but I realized we should be able to see the corner of the Royal Laotian Erwan which I thought was on the tail of all XW-reg Helios.

I then noticed that in none of the pictures of XW-PEA have an Erwan on the tail (which is a stylized 3 headed elephant) , and further checking I see that 541 was built at the same time as a small group of U-10As without long range Fuel.

c/n 502 and 503 were used to develop the LR fuel installed on most of the U-10Bs.

Any way I am convinced this picture is XW-PEA c/n 541. I will open it above.

The tail cone and some other parts that were in the "New Mission" hanger are on the way back to the US.

still need a picture of c/n 541 as N4185D
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Re: c/n 541, RP-C2691
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Here is a photo of the data plate in Benny's possession

I will open at the bottom of the photos above

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Re: c/n 541, RP-C2691
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I was just Informed that the tailcone shown hanging is now hanging in Paul LaPoint's shop not sure where he intends to use it maybe on c/n 1436