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c/n 540, “606”
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8 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 540, s/n 62-3606, built 10/61 as model L-28 for USAF given s/n 62-3606 accepted 10/61, t/n “62-3606” USAF Systems Command (Unit?) Malmstrom AFB, MT until 10/61, USAF (Command?), (Unit?), L-28A re-designated U-10A Fairchild AFB WA until '62, (Command?), (Unit?), Goldman AFB KT until '63, (Command?), (Unit?), Seymour-Johnson AFB NC until '64, USAF (Command?), (Unit?), Hurlburt Field FL until '67, USAF Tactical Air Command, 4410th Combat Crew Training Wing, Eglin Auxiliary Field 9 (Hurlburt Field) FL until '71 USAF struck off charge and  released as N11619 '73, “62-3606” placed on display at Hurlburt Fld Memorial Air Park FL

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Re: c/n 540, “606”
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See new picture of oldest display code AF on tail, previous code AQ and EO on tail and newest display with AH and nose art on the display aircraft.

The nose art on the current photo, kind of looks like a snoopy dog, but the picture doesn't have good enough resolution to tell for sure.

Also interesting that camouflage pattern no longer matches, and while in service had AQ code on tail no gear leg fairings.

With its history as a training aircraft and none with 'PhycOps' as a 'Loudmouth' it seems strange that it has the speaker on display aircraft, but they appear to have been removed from the current display.

I suppose its a waste of time to ask but what do the codes and badge indicate? Are any of them indicative of past service history?

I will open them in the queue above as 3rd and the last photo.
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Re: c/n 540, “606”
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Here is a recently found picture it has an unusual scalloped camo.

This photo was taken may 1972 just before going on display at the museum.

I will open it as #4 in the photo queue at the top of the page.