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c/n 531, RP-C2696
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5 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 531, built 07/61 as model H-395 original registry N4180D Factory placed in experimental category to install 120 gal LR fuel system as deviation to type certificate 10/61 sold, Aviation Investors inc (CIA) 01/62 placed in experimental category to conduct over-gross operational flts and testing with 120 gal LR fuel system by Helio Aircraft Corp, Aviation Investors inc (CIA) 06/62, dereg exported XV-NAJ Vietnamese Air Transport (VIAT) Saigon accident(1) pilot lost control on take-off @ unknown airstrip Laos 06/62 dereg 08/62, flew as unpolished bare aluminum '531' for an undetermined period of time after China and Laos broke off diplomatic relations in mid-1962, Aviation Investors inc Air America (19th Helio of 29 acquired) lease expires 07/63, reg B-873 (previously used on c/n 566) Skyways Cargo Inc 12/63, leased to Air America 07/64, Flown from Sam Thong to Vientiane Laos, accident(2) damaged at a new airstrip @ unknown area Laos 3/64, rereg 5/64, XV-NAJ Saigon, leased until 8/64, sold Air America 10/64, rereg XW-PCD Vientiane, accident(3) on landing @ (LS-20) Sam Thong Laos 10/64, accident(4) overshoot on landing @ site T-20 Thailand 02/65, accident(5) on forced landing after engine failed @ (T-156) Chiang Kong Thailand 04/65, accident(6) forced hard landing after engine failed @ unknown airstrip Laos 06/65, accident(7) taxied into a barrel @ (LS-118A) Nam Lieu Laos 03/66, incident a fast moving thunderstorm of more than 70 knots passed through damaging several Helios including XW-PCD wrinkled skin while tied down @ Vientiane-Wattay Airport Laos 05/68, accident(8 ) hard landing @ (LS-255) Phu He, Laos 01/69, accident(9) pilot lost control on landing @ (LS-201) Sam Song Hong Laos 03/69, accident(10) damaged @ Long Tieng Laos 05/69, accident(11) mechanic taxied aircraft into a ditch @ (L-08) Vientiane Laos 05/72, repaired stored, Vientiane Laos 11/73, stored Udorn Thailand 03/74, sold to Aviation Associates inc Manila, Philippines rereg as RP-C2696 Aviation Associates '79, New Tribes Mission of the Philippines '84, registry expired cancelled '05  ?

                      Type certificate amended 09/61 LR 120 gal fuel wings now available as an option or retrofit to 502 on

anyone know the fate of this one

Above and below accident #10

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Re: c/n 531, as XW-PCD
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Found a pic of c/n 531 as XW-PCD the caption was Laos 1969 so it was probably taken not long before the wreck pictures.

We still need photos of c/n 531 as XV-NAJ and B-873 its kind of interesting that the CIA was able to fly it with just the factory build number, I guess they didn't worry much about the FAA,

I will open it as #2 in the queue above.
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Re: c/n 531, RP-C2696
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A picture found  as RP-C2696

I will open it as #5