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c/n 529, MM91001

Started by Doug Johnson, February 19, 2015, 08:44:50 AM

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Doug Johnson

5 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 529, built 01/61 as model H-395, original registry N4178D Factory placed in experimental category for continued flight testing of 120 gal LR fuel system modification installed litter door sold 07/61, Italian Air Attache Washington DC reportedly CIA acquired from Air America converted to U-10B configuration changed data plate H-395B, dereg 05/65 export Ciampino Italy for operations with the SIOS (Italian State Security), it arrived dismantled in used condition paint scheme all silver at Ciampino (near Rome) 07/66 in USAF C-131 cargo plane (still marked N4178D) after reassembly American personel and testing given military mark MM91001 repainted two-tone green/brown NATO camo used in South Tyrol until '72, returned to Ciampino (code M-19) removed from service w/o dismantled '82, stored Aeronautica Militare Museum, seen at Rome-Fiumicino Airport, Italy, in an area near the Aeronautica Militare Laboratorio Tecnico facility 3/06, recently removed from storage for reassembly to be placed on display at the museum summer of '19


Doug Johnson

The text below is a translation of the magazine article posted here

If someone can find a link to this Italian article I would appreciate it. I apparently put the wrong link with this translation at the time I copied the translation I didn't know how to do a PDF of the pages so this translation is what you get.

The SIOS (SIOS) was an information service inside the armed forces.
Created in the period close to the accession to NATO his duties and services have been completed with ups and downs until 1997 to see a general service reform intelligence.
Today the functions once performed by the SIOS are performed by the 2nd Department - Information and Security of the Defence, through the "Interagency Intelligence Center."
The SIOS was in charge of security within military bases and personnel, of 'acquisition of information about foreign countries and potentially hostile, and there was one for each armed force (SIOS Army, Navy SIOS, SIOS Air Force).
The members of the Service or came from Weapons of belonging, but in most of the Carabinieri .
The SIOS depended on the Chief of Staff of the respective armed forces, and were coordinating role with the SISMI SISMI.
The task of SIOS was secondary prevention of terrorist acts against facilities and Italian heritage and in this field you perceive, the need to acquire an aircraft plane for covert surveillance of structures or power lines subjects in the reference period to hostile acts in the territory of South Tyrol
(attacks from 1963 to 1966) - The platform was to have capacity of tangency and autonomy such as to allow their use in flight in mountainous areas in addition to the capacitance C / STOL and the ability to bring a "team" of at least 4 elements
were identified various platforms all excluded from selection as deficient in some particular aspects - The only sound base was identified in the aircraft called (U-10) which had been viewed and tested by some elements of the "services" posted in Vietnam according to observers, in connection with the use by the US. ARMY helicopters as air cavalry, which was very interested in our army.
The aircraft was acquired with funds services directly from the channels of the CIA buying an aircraft which belonged to Air America -
The Super Helio Courier reached Rome dismantled in 'summer 1966 in Ciampino with a US cargo plane that was parked in the area west of the airport and then downloaded night time.
The plane was reassembled in a hangar by foreign personnel and within a month he began training pilots SIOS who were both AMI that EI and drawn from departments that used propeller aircraft -
The flights took place at sunset takeoff with suspender connector and the aircraft was then civil codes N4178D, and livery.
Trained crews ( It took about 1 month) the plane was taken over by the MAI for insurance matters and in anticipation of use in South Tyrol was painted with a two-tone livery of green and brown NATO camoflauge similar to that which was used for P-166m military aircraft considered the most valid for flight discreet in mountain resorts -
On mission in South Tyrol control and prevention of the attacks especially power lines something is said and the fact that some terrorists exploded "on the ground" (at least 4) while preparing attacks but away from pylons could mean that deterrence worked - The plane took off anyway with a team of emergency anti-terrorism by courtyards of barracks leveraging its short stroke, landed in clearings viciniore the work area unloaded the team of 4 items and aspettava- were foiled over 100 attacks with this new procedure and the flights were carried out also night-
In 1972 the emergency terrorism in South Tyrol ended (except for a resurgence in 1986) and the aircraft livery aluminum was poured to 303 ° Guidonia then return to 31 ° in Ciampino as code SM -19.
Now the services had a more powerful helicopter and aircraft C / STOL did not ravvedeva the importance -
The Super Helio Courier was used now only to transfer flights discrete agents and officers or prisoners to the maximum security prisons that you do not want to know the destination and also against the emergence of politically motivated terrorism were made ​​some missions called - but in translation indagati- sheet flight there is neither the names of the agents nor the course of the investigation, but is always reported the figure for payment of insurance on the third transported -
The plane ended its life in a hangar at Ciampino airport in 1982, the official date of the His WO (written off) cancellation, was demolished but no one has seen or witnessed such an operation carried out always at night -
the environment Many like to think that this little (but not much) plane flights over our heads yet discreet and silent " secret mission "in fact" mission secreted "exact words where flight plans were not drafted, it was flying in absolute radio silence, it landed on the track fittings when possible if not where it happened, where there was no mission planning as it does not There was the time - we just wanted to handle much by pilots and aircraft able to forgive mistakes and ill-treatment -
Card Super Helio Courier
Exact wording aircraft: Helio H395 B Super Courier (labeled military U-10 B)
Carattestistiche: Single Engine to high wing
Year of acquisition (used) 1966
Crew No. 1
Engine Lycoming GO-480-G1D6 295 hp
maximum weight 1542 kg.
Dry weight 943 kg.
Payload 5 passengers
Vel. Max 275 km / h
Tangent 6300 mt.
Autonomy 1150 km
Year 1982 Radiation
MM 91001
Livery - SIOS to camouflage 2-tone green / brown
at 303 ° and 31 ° aluminum panel with anti-reflective black
Interior blacks leatherette
seats dark gray


Doug Johnson

I found a picture of c/n 509 being lifted out of the area where it has been stored since 2006.

The information with the photo said it was being reassembled for display at the museum.

I will open the photo at the bottom of the queue above.


Hi Doug, now the Helio is at Museo "Piana delle Orme" (Latina) awaiting restoration.
I recently wrote an article in JP4 magazine.
The situation is not the one reported so far. I have proof that there were two Helios. The first one, whose c/n I am looking for, was in Ciampino already in 1961 and was involved in an irreparable accident in 1964 (I received the official dates from the Air Force).
But in 1961 c/n 529 was flying in the USA as N4178D. The FAA turned it over to Italy only in 1965 and we find it in service in 1966 (official data).
In 1961 a Helio entered service with the SIOS, in 1964 it suffered a serious accident and repairs were probably not deemed worthwhile. The Air Force then took an aircraft on the American civilian market. The problem now is to know what the c/n of the first one could be. I'm trying to exclude it since it must be a cell built before 1961.