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c/n 524, XW-PCS
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 524, built 06/60 as model H-395 original registry N4173D Factory install optional removable 25 gal fuel bladder (for ferry purpose) sold 11/60, King-Hurley Research Group (CIA front co) DC taken to Tunisia for military trial 3/61 sold 3/61, General Aircraft Company of America inc is owner but used by a missionary group (CIA?) in Katanga Africa sold '62, Air Ventures inc Congo Africa (DRC) sold '63, Marathon Aviation (CIA) acquires possibly slated to become Air America Laos (XW-PCE ntu) instead exported as VT-DRL Charbatia Air Base (ARC) India 2/64, accident or incident not reported or investigated details unknown @ unknown place and time, Air Corp bought as wreck 11/65, donated to Air America (25th Helio of 29 acquired) repaired at cost of $24,000, rereg as XW-PCS Laos, accident(1) struck a pig on takeoff minor damage to right landing gear @ (LS-184) Houei Tong Ho, Laos 05/67, accident(2) ran off the runway while landing in rain damaging left wing tip aileron and stabilator @ (LS-74) Tham Sorm, Laos 11/67, incident a fast moving thunderstorm of more than 70 knots passed through damaging several Helios including XW-PCS wrinkled skin while tied down @ Vientiane-Wattay Airport Laos 05/68, incident wind damage blown into a fuel barrel during a thunderstorm while parked @ (LS-20A) Long Tieng, Laos 05/68, accident(3) damaged made a hard landing, with brakes locked damaging tail @ (LS-41) San Louang, Laos 01/69, accident(4) emergency landing soccer field due to fuel exhaustion, at the end of the roll-out, the aircraft nosed over and came to rest in an inverted position, causing substantial damage to the nose, the crash-cage/fuselage and the tail section @ (L-454) Luang Prabang Laos 9/69, was not repaired, AA salvaged for parts Vientiane, Laos

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