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c/n 509, RA-2777G

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Doug Johnson:
22 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 509, built 03/59 as H-395 original registry N4157D Carl Tilden NM sold '72, Abe Miller NV sold '73, Grand Canyon Expeditions inc UT sold '77, Johnston corp (Charles Johnston) IA sold '79, Larry Montgomery (Larmont aviation dealer) SC sold '79, Peter Soby NC installed 1400 series individual seats sold '83, Fred Verret FL sold '89, Ben Air ltd FL (Ben Bradley) sold '90, Valentine Aviation (Rick Valentine) FL sold '91, Jerry Gonsoulin FL sold '04, TN Flying Machines llc (Aaron Tippin) TN sold '12, sent to Vermont for dis-assembly and export as RA-2777G to Nijniy Novgorod owner Anatolii Kalinov Russia placed on Avion wheel skis with pneumatic system for ice brakes installed 1200 series cowling with AeroLeds (2 taxi lt 2 lndg lts includes original retractable lts in wings) installed 120 gal LR fuel system and relocated fuel shutoff, replaced 1400 series seat with Nissan auto seats, new glass panel and piper throttle prop quadrant, sold '19, Russian charitable organization but complications in donation forced organization to sell, sold '22, Rais Anufriev, Moscow Russia


Hi, Doug! My name is Anatolii and I'm a current owner of the plane. I really love it and it's flying characteristics keep on surprising me.

Doug Johnson:
Hi, to you Anatolii, thanks for reply and pictures. can you share a last name to put in the comments paragraph above, also which wheel skis did you put 509 on?

See changes above

do you know the registry number of Evgueny Tvorogov's Helio 1423 and the owner of  H-800  RA-1993G?

Glad to hear you are enjoying your plane.


My last name is Kalinov.
Yes,Doug, I know Evgeny Tvorogov. He came over to me to try Helio before actually buying it.
Unfortunately I don't know the owner of H-800
The skis on my plane are produced by the Avion company. It's a Russian one. ( here is the link: ). These skis have air break and they let me change configuration at any moment (from skis to wheels and vice versa).

Doug Johnson:
Is it morning there ? Thanks for you reply do you know Evgeny RA number.


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