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c/n 519, C-GVKG
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 519, built 02/60 as model H-395 original registry N4166D Island Creek Coal co (A.L. Hamilton) WV sold '63, Alan Bemis (Knoll Farm 4th of 5) install Rayjay/Riley Turbochargers (STC SE124SO & SA125SO) MA sold '67, Arctic Institute of North America DC (1st of 2) transfer '73, Artic Institute of America QC assigned (CF-FIH ntu) transfer back '73, reg N4166D Artic institute of America VA transfer '75, Arctic Institute of North America AK transfer dereg '78 export reg C-GVKG Artic institute of America AB Canada accident while landing on glacier A/C caught in downdraft landed tail heavy buckling tail section @ near Burwash landing YT 05/90 accident while doing low level wildlife survey going up Quill Creek Valley downdraft was encontered unable to make a turn because of terrain pilot continued further up creek bed to flatter terrain where aircraft impacted ground A/C damaged no injuries @ Quill Creek YT 08/94 incident engine blew up 300 hrs after rebuild controlled crash landing in mountainous area @ unknown place date wreck sold '85, Andy Williams (1st of 2) YT repaired dereg '07, wreck now owned by Perry Linton Armstrong, BC used for parts

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Re: c/n 519, C-GVKG
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Unfortunately I cant open this screen capture picture above in proper order but I'll still post it here.

You might want to look at this video as well not only is it interesting, but there is a Helio C-GVKG. at 1:37

click here

Landing Seward Glacier Ice field

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Re: c/n 519, C-GVKG
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And this from Lance,

For sure, this is VKG an H395 that had the 3800 upgross installed, 120 gallon long range kit and along with dual Rayjay turbos.  It was used for years on the Mt.Logan High altitude Physiology study at 17,500'.  Photo # 3 is the helio landing at the high camp on logan plateau.  My father in law Andy Williams flew it for years.  Lost it in a high mountain valley one day doing wildlife tracking work.  A low time engine done by a reputable company or so they say, blew a hole in the crankcase and he had to dead stick it into the valley of rocks.  Nobody hurt.

Owned by Perry Linton in BC who has told me he is going to rebuild it one day!

landing at high Camp on Logan plateau

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Re: c/n 519, N4166D
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I found a low quality photo of c/n 519 as N4166D in a magazine article at a online book store.

It also shows one of the few shortcomings of the Helio, all that weight on the tail can be a problem at times.

Lance do you have a better copy of this picture you can share.

Really interesting Article mostly about Andy Williams flying Helios and some more Helio pictures.

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Re: c/n 519, N4166D
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Another better picture from lance of c/n 519 as N4166D

Ill open it above