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Started by mrhelio, November 09, 2010, 06:02:36 PM

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Recently Jim Metzler went over to the Phillipines to crate up some Helio's used by JAARS, guess what?? The Government will not release them, so for those of you thinking that some used Helio's were making their way back to the U.S. that currently is not an option.

Jim Harrower's Helio H-295/U-10D is now back in Alaska doing it's thing, flying for charter

That's it for now


In 1990 Helio H-700 N961RD was modified with a new streamlined cowling housing the TIO-540-J2BD (350 HP) turbo normalized. This Helio was sold to Seaplane Flying Adventures in Cyprus (Greece) for floatplane recreational charters, as of 2004 the business went "bust" and this is what remains of that H-700. So if you are inclined to get it and have a deep wallet, you can have it "containerized" and shipped to the U.S.
     She probably could use some help and given the climate it has been exposed to, a bit of maintenance and restoration would be in order..


Is that 5B-CIH on the south side of airport near beach @ Pathos airport Cyprus???  About mid-field.
Looks like the floats at the correct 1/4 angle.
Notice the 2 B-24's and B -25 on left when you're on final for 11??

Could also be the boneyard mid field north side of the field at Larnaca??????

GE is amazing. Need better resolution.



This is 5B-CIH and lost it's airworthiness certificate in 1995. Parked in the compound by the Larnaca Control Tower. It has sat since then, though it's original N # was N961RD and was highly modified from it's original airframe.

Seaplane Flying Adventures and Mark Aviation is the firm it was assigned to.