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Doug Johnson

c/n 077, CF-MQJ
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2 pics check your albums it would be nice to have a picture if its been repainted since Dan Stevens owned it. Registry is current maybe the next time you are around Fraser Lake you can get a picture. Anyone know David Mowat or Alan Davis Fraser?

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c/n 077, built 02/58 as model H-391B, original registry YV-T-JTR (transport marks export) Cesar Padron, (1 of 10) rereg YV-C-FLS Venezuela, Aeroactivades Venezolanas sa, Aeropuerto, Cividad Bolivar sold '63, C.A Servicios Aeros de Oriente sold 04/63, dereg export N6025 International Brokerage co FL sold '64, Sherwood Equipment co (Alfred Sherwood) WA sold '67, Stolairco inc (Hunter Kindall dealer) placed on Edo 2870 floats sold 08/69, Five Star Motors inc (Eael Bankes) accident while flying in marginal VFR flight conditions with a ceiling of 1,200ft, fog and rain pilot decided to make an off airport precautionary landing while making approach to landing spot it was partially obscured by rain and fog the pilot misjudged his altitude and struck water of river while making turn to land in a field @ Reedsport OR 10/69 reg canceled as destroyed 03/70 sold 07/70, Daniel Adams OR export immigration reg as CF-MQJ Daniel Adams BC sold 07/72, Jim Danish BC sold 01/91, Larwood Logging ltd BC sold 04/03, Daniel Stevens AB placed on 31" bush wheels, lease to [Blackstone Outfitters (Jim Fink)] sold 09/06, David Mowat (Engineer Danish Aviation) & Alan Davis Fraser Lake, BC

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Jim Fink

Re: c/n 077, CF-MJQ
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Dan Stevens flew for me in the Yukon quite a few years ago with MQJ (registration is C-FMQJ). The photos attached are of him landing near the head waters of the Ogilvie River in the northern Yukon with 31" bush wheels.
Jim Fink (Blackstone Outfitters)
FYI: David Mowat is an engineer for Danish Aviation

Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 077, CF-MQJ
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Jim thanks for pictures and correction check my edits please. Has the A/C been repainted and registry changed to C-FMQJ ? If so when and also means I need another picture with new paint and registry.

I can't make the correction to your subject line. You can make the change to CF-MQJ by using the modification feature on your posts.
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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 077, CF-MQJ
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added photo of c/n 077 as N6025