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Helio Gathering 2010

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We will have our 2ND Annual Helio Fly In in May 21-23, 2010 @ Wausau Flying Service, Wausau, WI at the FBO there are hangars available...Be there if you can, we will be working on getting a procedural fix initiated for Helio wing issues that is certain to maintain the fleet!!

Wausau Flying Service contact is John Chmiel

(715) 845-3400

I can be contacted @ (920) 292-0824

I need to get an idea of who will tentatively be attending the Helio Fly-In, please respond here then.. I know weather and schedules play a certain role for this but maybe I could get an early update

Thank You,

Helio Fly In has been postponed until a later date, I'm out of state all that month!!

Barry Dechert:
 Is the Helio Fly postponed until later this year? What do you think, same place just different time?

Ken Berger:
I will be flying to EAA airventure, so if the Helio Gathering was during the same week I would attend.



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