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Helio Gathering 2010

Started by mrhelio, December 22, 2009, 07:36:58 AM

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We will have our 2ND Annual Helio Fly In in May 21-23, 2010 @ Wausau Flying Service, Wausau, WI at the FBO there are hangars available...Be there if you can, we will be working on getting a procedural fix initiated for Helio wing issues that is certain to maintain the fleet!!

Wausau Flying Service contact is John Chmiel

(715) 845-3400

I can be contacted @ (920) 292-0824


I need to get an idea of who will tentatively be attending the Helio Fly-In, please respond here then.. I know weather and schedules play a certain role for this but maybe I could get an early update

Thank You,


Helio Fly In has been postponed until a later date, I'm out of state all that month!!

Barry Dechert

 Is the Helio Fly postponed until later this year? What do you think, same place just different time?

Ken Berger

I will be flying to EAA airventure, so if the Helio Gathering was during the same week I would attend.



Mr. Berger,  Maybe we will see you there again and try not to get run over by any stray Beech jets.     Paul