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c/n 028, N12620

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Doug Johnson:
15 pictures because I have them as you can see some were probably taken in CA before going to AR and now MI

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c/n 028, built 04/56 as H-391B original registry assigned was N4112D (ntu used on c/n 035) export as XB-KOM Mexico Antullio Mendez sold dereg '67, export re-reg as N12620 Leo Overturf AR sold '68, Carl Barlow & James Cistone NV accident pilot taxied too close to parked aircraft, with winds of 15 kt gusting to 25 kt and the aircraft ground looped into parked Piper N7747W @ Cumberland MD 1/69, repaired and install 3000lb up-gross (Helio mod #21) installed Jaars steerable tailwheel assy (removed exhaust augmenter tube and converted to H-395A configuration Helio mod #48) sold '73, Bruce Gordon sold '92, Robin Gauss CA removed crosswind gear installed cleveland wheels & brakes sold '14, Tim McNamara M.D. Jonesboro AR, Kirk Field Paragould complied with SB-17 & 20 sold 6/20, Paul Lapoint, Drummond Island, MI (2nd Helio of 2)

Below Paul and his Niece Madeline at Oskosh '20

Drummond Island, MI '21

Doug Johnson:

1956 Helio H-391B N12620 C/N 028 April 2012

Doug Johnson:
a couple pictures of a landing LT mod that I apparently forgot to post added above 8 and 9

This would be the ideal way to go with alternating flash and convert to LED lts.

Some pics from Arkansas: These show some river fog going into Gaston's. Just wanted to get these pics into this thread.

The above pics with the lights are of me taxiing in at KPGR (Paragould Ar.) That's a great idea to alternate flash at least until short final then switch to steady! I'll look into that.

Tim Mc


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