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c/n 036, N289LM
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8 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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lynn the current owner sent me some movie clips of the restoration done by him and his son and a couple pictures. He has relocated from Lincoln NE to CO.
As you can see looks pretty nice and Lynn has a big smile on his face.

c/n 036, built 10/56 as model H-391B, original registry N4117D Island Creek Coal co accident not reported or investigated @ unknown place time, '60 dereg sold as parts to Instituto Linguistico de Verano CA (Jaars 10th Helio of 46) named ''Marie Lynn'', repaired also (removed exhaust augmenter tube and reconfigured as H-395A Helio mod #48) rereg '68, export HK-1414X Columbia '68, rereg HK-1414 Jaars (Instituto Linguistico de Verano) '61, rereg HP-562 Instituto Linguistico de Verano, Panama City sold '90, as HP-562P Panama Aerovias del Pacifico sold '90, as N289LM (for Chronicles 28:9) Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) SC sold '91, Project Vida inc (Dan Stover) AZ install HC-A2V20-1A propeller accident while departing the surface winds were a direct crosswind from the left when the tail lifted on the conventional gear aircraft the pilot failed to maintain directional control the aircraft swerved left and exited the runway when it struck soft mud adjacent to the runway it ground looped @ Prescott AZ 04/91 sold '10, TCM Aircraft Leasing (Trent McClendon) TX sold '12, (Hawkins Aircraft) Capt Lynn Hawkins Calhan, CO (Southwest Airlines) project completed 9/14

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Re: c/n 036, N289LM
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A couple of pictures were found at Lynn's Facebook page and pointed out to me looks like early photographs when the a/c paint scheme had a green stripe.

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Re: c/n 036, N289LM
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I found a photos #036 I will open it above
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Re: c/n 036, as HP-562
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I found a photo at air history of /n 036 as HP-562 in Panama '90.

I will open it as #1 in the photo queue above.

I also noticed I had mistakenly posted a couple pictures of c/n 089 as PI-36 and RP-36 I removed them.
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