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Italian Helio c/n 529
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someone may find this of Interest

c/n 529, built 01/61, model H-395 convert to model H-395B U-10B configuration, originall registry N4178D, Factory placed in experimental category for continued flight testing of 120 gal LR fuel system modification, installed litter door sold 07/61, to Italian Air Attache Washington DC reportedly CIA acquired from Air America converted to U-10B configuration labeled H-395B, dereg 05/65 export Ciampino Italy for operations with the SIOS (Italian State Security), it arrived dismantled in used condition paint scheme all silver at Ciampino (near Rome) 07/66 in USAF C-131 cargo plane (mark still N4178D) after reassembly and testing given military mark MM91001 repainted two-tone green/brown NATO camo used in South Tyrol until '72, returned to Ciampino (code M-19) removed from service w/o dismantled '82, stored Aeronautica Militare Museum, seen at Rome-Fiumicino Airport, Italy in an area near the Aeronautica Militare Laboratorio Tecnico facility 3/06

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