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Wanted 391B Parts or parts plane

Started by Flathorn, October 24, 2014, 08:58:17 PM

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I have a 391B project plane that I have had at least 20 years and has been on the back burner.

   Last week I went for a ride with Larry Teufel in his Helio.  My first ride ever in a Helio Courier.  I was hooked with the performance.  So now mine is no longer on the back burner.  So now looking for parts to put mine together, or a parts plane to buy.

  Following are the major parts I am looking for.

         Engine mount

          Low or mid time engine possibly


         1 front oleo

          1 rear oleo

          Exhaust system


          Interior panels  (I have seats)

          Engine  Baffling.

           Wing Carry thru .  Mine says it was done in the paperwork, but Carry thru I have does not have the plates. Also need appropriate wing attach bolts.

          Probably lots more but this is a start

           Would appreciate any leads or if you have any of these parts please let me know.

           Any suggestions welcome. My Helio knowledge is fairly limited, and have learned lots from this site.

     Thanks in advance.

       Byron Miller



Doug Johnson

Byron good to hear you're finally starting you're H-391 project.

here is some history

c/n 097,  built 08/58, model H-391B, originally N4145D Factory exported 02/59, as CF-LSH to John Moyles MB, repossession by Factory renumbered N4169D (reused) sold '60, Wade Hastings accident while landing aircraft lost directional control ground looped and struck snowbank on runway edge @ Malone NY 1/71, wreck given to Stan Britain NY '74, dereg export CF-LSH special registry allocated (C-FJMS ntu) J.M. Schmerhorn ON dereg export '77, rereg N4169D Air America (Rik Luytjes) PA accident pilot failed to maintain directional control ground loop during takeoff run @ Bedford PA 10/77, wreck sold to James Perry PA sold '81, Randy Horlick BC sold as project '94, Byron Miller Silverton, OR  project begins 10/14

Gordon Cragg

I have a set of windows removed from H-10. These are clear and the the owner wanted gray tint. I think they could be cleaned up and would be fine. I also have a core GO-435 that I am sending to Mark at Custom Aeromotive. He will see if it is an overhaul able core.
Gordon Cragg


If you could find a mount for a go480 I would trade you a 435 mount.   I have a couple but would not want to get rid of them unless it was for a 480 mount. Also lp aero glass sells all the windows with the proper arch in them for the helio. Do not put flat glass in.  I have several engines also 

Jim Fink

Hi Bryon,
I have a 391B with a mid time engine and overhauled prop that may fit your project. I'm interested in selling the airplane. The airframe has nearly 10,000 hrs. S/N 45 .The annual was just done in September and is a great flying helio. If your interested in the airplane for parts give me a call. The price is very reasonable.
306-240-6228 Saskatchewan

Doug Johnson

some more on c/n 045

c/n 045, built 02/57, model H-391B, originally export as CF-IYZ to Alberta Forest Service sold '?, Courier Flights AB sold '62, Estabrook Construction (Vern Estabrook) co AB sold '65, rereg C-FIYZ in '74, Nahami Air Serv ltd (Perry Linton) NT sold 05/82, Stan Stevens (Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters) sold '89, Anita Todd BC sold '02, Anita & John Todd BC sold '11, (augmenter tube removed and  converted to H-395A configuration at an unknown time) nicknamed “The Dinosaur” placed on 31'' bush wheel Jim Fink Meadow Lake, SK, is or was with Blackstone Outfitters in Yukon currently for sale 306-240-6228 Saskatchewan




I have the oleos you need.  Still need them?


bought a complete H
250 project. So now have those parts.  Thanks


I have oleo struts if you still need them. Bob 907-250-1767 Wasilla alaska


I have those parts now, as I bought an H250 project.  What I really need now is an H 250 lower cowl. Local guy thinks he can make one if we have to.