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Lance Goodwinm

Change out Attitude indicator
« on: June 10, 2014, 01:44:39 PM »
Hello Helio crew

I am looking at installing a new Attitude indicator in an H295.
A bit of a problem is that the new indicators only have two ports for hook up, the original piece of equipment has three ports because it runs the attitude as well as the heading indicator and the Vacuum gauge.
Has anyone changed to a modern gauge and been able to run both instruments and the vacuum gauge accurately?


Doug Johnson

Re: Change out Attitude indicator
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If I remember correctly my vacuum line went from the pump to the filter then to a t fitting one line to an instrument the other to another t fitting one line to the second instrument and the the other to the vacuum gauge.

It was 17 or 18 yrs ago but it seemed pretty straight forward at the time.

Aagain If I remember correctly it was a cessna combination vacuum regulator and filter, just remembered also later put a third T in and hooked up a cessna low vacuum SW to turn a LOW Vacuum ind lt on and off.

I looked in the spruce catalog and their is a Rapco vacuum system kit that gives you what you need. But I think you can do it cheaper by going to local airplane salvage yd and getting some cessna parts.

If you add the low vacuum ind I would probably use a LED indicator and convert all my panel lts to LEDs since they seem to never burn out.


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