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391 fuel cap gaskets
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Does anyone know where to start looking for fuel cap gaskets or have the part number for the fuel cap gasket for a 391? Thanks, Lynn

Doug Johnson

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Ken Berger

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Which gaskets are you looking for and for which type of fuel cap?

If you are talking about the cork gaskets that are used in the sandwich between the top of the fuel cell and the typical fuel caps, then try contacting Eagle Fuel Cells as they have the cork gaskets for helio tanks that they refurbish.  I also think they happen to be the same as some of the other certificated plane fuel cell gaskets.

Good luck and let us know if you find them.  If not, I can probably help you locate them...




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As I mentioned in a fuel cap post a few months ago, we not only bought four caps from Shaw Aero but we also sent a set of old caps to them for overhaul.  Costs a few bucks but they came back with a few new parts and of course new O rings and gaskets.   Might be worth doing once.   If labeled AOG the turn-around was about a week.