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My 391 has a 337 for the install of 3430 floats done by kenmore air harbour. It is written as.  Installed EDo 3430 floats per type certificate and helio drawing 250-000-015 and EDo drawing 40845


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My 391b serial # 011 was on Edo 3430 too


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H391B      EDO 2870
H395      EDO 2870
H250      EDO 3430
H295      EDO 3430
H800      EDO 3500 AMPHIB
      EDO 3430


SA2386CE   PK L4000         H800
SA2145CE   EDO 3500 AMPHIB      H700
SA2142CE   EDO 3430         H700
SA2136CE   TA 3500 TRITAN AMPHIB   H295
SA1661CE   EDO 3500 AMPHIB      H295 (SA1589CE REQUIRED)
SA152AL   LJ 2800            H391B, H395A
SA1213CE   EDO 3430         H395
SA731CE   EDO 3430         H391B
SA7835CE   PK D4000A AMPHIB      H700
SA846EA   PK 3500A AMPHIB      H250
SA867EA   PK B3500         H250
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Jason Stephens

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My father did the original H395 Edo 3430 install stc.  I have the paperwork here somewhere if anyone needs the paperwork.


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What brand are those TA 3500 TRITAN AMPHIB  ?

Doug Johnson

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I think SA2136CE is an error but thats OK its the first one Dennis has made unlike the many I've made.

By the way nice list on the floats very informative I copied and filed it

SA2136WE,"Sea Emperor, Inc.",Amended,02/15/2001,"P O Box 1326","Sumas","WA","98295","United States","Installation of Tritan amphibious float Model TA3500.","1A8,","ANM-100S Seattle Aircraft Certification Office Tel: (425) 917-6400","Alliance Aircraft Group, LLC\H-295 (USAF U-10D); "

oh, oh can't find STC SA7835CE   PK D4000A AMPHIB  for  H700 but did find SA7835SW

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Buck Woodside

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Hello Mike,
I Joined this site to look up info on CFNNB.
Spent many teen years flying in that plane up and down BC coast.
I can probably find some old pics from the 70's, 80's and early 90's.
Curious when you obtained and recent history.
Please feel free to email me.




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Hello Buck,
I flew it back to Ontario from BC in 2011. Had a hard landing and tore a wing off. Currently in the shop for a total refurb and paint. Sorry, cant see your name through tha last quick paint job any more. While in for faint I noticed a bent spreader on the 3430's . Looking for one if you know where to find.
From Doug's posts it looks like this same broken spreader has happened at least 3 times now?