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Helio humor Part One
« on: August 23, 2010, 08:41:20 AM »
Now that I've included this, we will start with a proposed business transaction from a Broker:

Client: "I'm interested in purchasing the Helio Super Courier you have listed for sale"

Broker: "What would you like to know?"

Client: "I'm not too familiar with the airplane, could you give me some information about it?"

Broker: "The Helio Courier is a very short-field take-off and landing airplane that can be flown from your backyard, is stall/spin-proof and cruise over 160 MPH"

Client: "I don't have much tail-wheel time"

Broker: "No problem, within 10 hours you should be good to go, and check-out comes with the sale"
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Re: Helio humor Part One
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The one element to all this is when brokers tell you that their clients Helio has "No Damage History"

Gerald Jordan

Re: Helio humor Part One
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Recorded in the logs.