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Started by yukonranger, August 14, 2012, 10:26:57 AM

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Hello, anybody have a source for the turbo stc paperwork?
Thanks Andrew

Jason Stephens

I wonder if the airplane for sale in South Africa used that STC as it has a GSO-480.


Maybe. I see it was a factory option on the build sheet.

Jason Stephens

Really?  That is very interesting.  My copy of the Type Certificate doesn't show the GSO-480 for the 395/295 but they of course built the H392 with one.  It wouldn't surprise me if they did a custom job for a customer though.


Au Miner

Are we talking turbo or supercharged? Talco (Rajay) has the STCs for installation of manual wastegate Rayjay turbo. A list of their STCs is found here:  Helio Aircraft Association has the STC for 350 horse Lycoming direct drive TIO540-J2B, which I think was used for the certification of the H700, but I could be mistaken.
I didn't see any other STCs listed on the FAA site for turbos, for supercharged, all I saw was SA900WE, as Doug mentioned above


It was a factory option in 1970 rayjay turbos $5400. Tell me how to post pics on here and I will show you.


Turbo chargers were an option by STC, however, that does not make the engine a GSO480 or GSIO480. A GSO480 engine is supercharged, not turbo charged. Totally different and not an option.