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Any Helios going to Oshkosh 2012

Started by Namaolen, May 31, 2012, 10:47:21 AM

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I'm planning on attending Oshkosh 2012 and am wondering if there are any Helio Couriers planning to fly in for the event. Also, if there are any Helio buffs on this board who are planning on attending, it would be nice  to T up with you at the event.  Let me know.  I plan on being there on Tuesday the 24th for a few days.   


Will be there Sunday to Thursday but not a Helio owner yet.   Paul


The winds of change are blowing thru EAA/Airventure. Canon's recent departure, as of June 2nd, 2012, is the result of big business or more accurately, the lack thereof. EAA's prime focus is now on maximizing revenue generation as an entertainment industry and no longer as the national support organization of experimental aviation. That will include general aviation and of course those rare airplanes called the Helio.

JAARS will be there with 2 Helio's, and maybe a couple more

I'll be there somewhere.



Will be at the show from the 23rd to 26th, will be attending a lot of the sessions during the day but plan on hanging around some of the Helios after 5pm and hope to meet up with some of you who attend. See you there!!!   


Jason Stephens

I just got in to Osh last night and will be here through Saturday volunteering at the Learn to Fly center and at Kidventure.  I stopped by the JAARS booth and chatted with Jason and his wife today next to the Helio.  Nice people, good looking plane.  Super hot here today but its supposed to cool off over the next few days.  Any other Helios make the trip?

Jason Stephens