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Helio Mods 45, 48 and others

Started by Doug Johnson, May 22, 2012, 11:35:30 AM

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Doug Johnson

Helio mods  #45 & #48

While mining for info this surfaced.

According to the letterhead this is the Factory procedure for converting a H-391 to an H-395.  It's not addressed here but I have been told this conversion also requires the stronger heavy duty 395 flap tracks mentioned in mod #48 and the H-395 stabilator.

I don't suppose their is enough information to legally do a complete conversion that includes the GO-480 or O-540, but it would certainly make the cage stronger.

The first 8 pages of Helio conversion no. 45 (mod 45) are missing but the pages have the original Helio Factory letterhead. It also has a DER's signature at the bottom.

Helio Mod #48 isn't on the original letterhead and I was unable to locate any of the part #'s in the "Illustrated Parts Catalog". A picture of c/n 44 mentioned in mod #48, N4120D appears to looks identical to a 395A both have the 2 bladed prop.

According to information I have found c/n O47 was probably converted to an H-250 and c/n 073 was converted to an H-250 with the O-540, c/n's 075, 081, 086 were factory coversions to H-395's. I found this statement somewhere (forgot to ref it and now can't find where) c/n 070 and up can be safely converted to GO-480 or O-540. I assume this statement also included Helio mod #45 and the stronger flaps & stabilator

I suspect their are Helio Factory Mods 1 through 47 out here some where. I would like to see them no matter how trivial they may appear to be.

If any one has anything to add to this it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit; found ref to H-295 induction system (STC SA1432WE) for Helio Mod #48


Doug Johnson

next 4

Doug Johnson

Mod #21 is an increased gross weight to increase Gross Weight from 2,800lb to 3,000lb for c/n 001 through 031. Changes include a rework of the rear carry thru (SK262); beef up of tail cone, new main landing gears; new tail gear assembly; rework of LH & RH wings, and complying with SB #11 re main carry through.

Mod #31 deals with airspeed limits of certain H-250's on floats.

Helio mod conversion of 60 gallon wing to 120 gallon wing (Helio Drawings 250-010-050 and 250-080-901)

Prior to civil certification of the AU-24 Helio drawing no. 550-000-050 must be complied with.

to up-gross the Stallion to 5800 lbs from 5100 lbs mods listed on Helio drawing no. 550-000-051 must be complied with.

I've never seen any drawings or paperwork though does some one have copies they are willing to post.

Helio drawing no. 395-000-050 is required for conversion of the U-10B to civilian H-395 to get an airworthiness certificate.

Conversion from military U-10D to a civilian H-295 requires (Helio Drawing 295-000-020)

Seaplane step kit (Helio Drawing 250-030-3022-0)

Jettison-able door kit ECP-2 (Helio Drawing 395-030-770-0)

H-395 long range fuel two additional 30 gallon wing tanks (Helio Drawing SK-751, SK-756)

H-395 float attachment fittings (Helio Drawing SK-1198)

Helios install 1400 series control wheels, per (Helio FAA approved Drawing 391-050-241)

Install rear seat Heater (Helio drawing 295-063-901)

Install left hand rear camera window (Helio drawing SKMS-2260) placard do not open above 100 mph.

clipboard support arm on pilots seat  (Helio drawing SKMS-2294

Doug Johnson

Helio Service Mod #29 Wing modification, removal of two outboard interceptor blades in each wing Factory Drawing SK-516



Where do you discover all these things !!???

You are like a archeologist for Helio Courier



Doug Johnson

I like your term Archaeologist. I've called it mining for Helio info, close to Archaeology they do a lot of digging too. I just keep digging I do a new search every once in awhile and instead of stopping on the first 20 hits I keep going until I either completely run out of things that refer to Helio or start to get cross eyed. Every once in a while something pops up.

In this case I have been working with Barry Collman on the "Helio list" and this popped up in one of the first 50 Helios  it caught my eye since I'm pretty sure there are at least 48 Factory Helio mods, since I had 45,48,21,and 31, I've been curious what the other were my goal is to find them all eventually. I like sharing my little bits and pieces.

I'm also pretty sure some of the people coming to this site Have this info also but they seem to be afraid to post. I have to admit I kind of lurked in the background for about a year not posting because I thought people would think I sounded stupid, I finally decided I didn't care and if no else would post I would. Now its kind of fun I practice my typing, and it gives you guys something to read.

Pretty soon with all the stuff Barry Collman has dug up in the FAA files I will have to do a lot of edits to my previous posts since don't like to leave misinformation posted, No seems to correct me so I will have to do it myself. we have just worked most of the way through the H-391's. Lot of small errors and incomplete information in my posts.