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While the news of new parts being made is at least hopeful, I know we all understand that GO-480 parts are also an issue.  Overhauled both engines this summer and know that someday I'll get the phone call that they can not find a part.  While work has been done by Maytag and Co. looking for a new engine, we may need to look at a 90 percent solution to keep the fleet flying. Both tri-gears are flying 500 plus hours a year.  Think the plane that flew Sunday Night NFL and the Vancouver Olympics flew 700 hours last year.  Even if a 350 HP 540 cost the same for an overhaul, at least there would be parts from Lycoming.  Any thoughts?
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Hi Bob,

Good to see you here. While the GO-480's are a bit of a dinosaur, there are some 135 operators getting TBO extensions to 1600 hours, recently a 135 outfit had their TBO extended for the Grand Commander 680FL/FLP those have the IGSO-540-B1A (380 HP)

Central Cylinder has a lot of excess parts for GO-480, the crankshaft is the serious issue with these..



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Stephen,  We are getting about 1600 hrs on our engines.  With the hours we put on in a year, it does not seem to be much of a problem.  But you bring up the problem.  Cranks and a few other parts, mostly in the nose case.  At some point they just are not going to be there.  All in all we are very happy with the GO-480.  I'm in Green Bay for two Sunday Night NBC games this season.  Keep in touch.