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Started by Sierra, July 22, 2010, 09:36:02 AM

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I am looking for information on the number of active Helio aircraft out in the field, what are the common problems and what are the common parts needed to support the fleet.

We already have FAA PMA to produce parts for the following Helio aircraft:


Tricycle Landing Gear Kit for H-295

We have a meeting scheduled next month with Jon Dwight to iron the particulars out, then get the drawings/tooling transferred to our facility. We are excited to ramp up support for the Helio aircraft owners!


Support for the helio is a great thing that is long over due but.................... If you price the support items wrong so we cannot afford it unless we are using the planes in a 135 operation you are not doing us any favors.  If parts are not available we can as owners build our own and get them approved if these parts become available the feds will not be as likely to approve these items any longer and we will be at your mercy $$$$$$$. I have mixed feeling about this.  Not all of us that fly have unlimited amount of funds.

Ray Dorsey

Any News ?  When was the meeting?


Leading-edge slats, cargo doors, gear legs, and frise ailerons are but a few of the common parts that are in short supply. When this will take place is unknown at this time. But if you have questions or are in need of immediate concerns, contact me through this e-mail amd leave a subject line, or directly at:

Helio West
Oshkosh, WI 54902-5919
(920) 292-0824


Just found out that the lower wing attachment fittings that Sierra wants produce are astronomically expensive, and they won't be built, at least at this time!!

Way to go fellas, price yourselves out of the market..

There is no demand for this aftermarket high price fixation!!


I believe the lower fitting cost me $1800.00 to have duplicated and heat treat. But i also had to have the solidworks file created for the machine shop and drawn up. I do have the file so another fitting should be a bit less exspensive to make.  I would think in this economy you can get some machine shop work done at a very good rate. If i was to build another set i would e-mail the file around to various shops and get bids. anybody need a set made?????

Ken Berger

For you folks at Sierra:  We want to believe, so please let's just start with a few of the basics at half way reasonable prices.  Let me know when can I take delivery on my:

Lower Wing Pins
Carry Thru Assembly or Carry Thru parts, or
Heat Muff cans.

If you can't make them at reasonable prices, go talk to JAARS, as they have been doing it for years.

For those of you who haven't seen the anouncement:


Do you have a list of what is being produced and some of the suggested retail prices? Us Helio owners dont have much $$$ left, >:( Hartzell took it all when we needed propellers.


Folks, it's going to be expensive.  It's one thing to sit in your hanger and do what it takes to get the plane in the air and building/buying new FAA approved parts.  We have not dealt with that in a long time.