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H-295 Left Hand Utility/Cargo/Litter Door

Started by Gordon Cragg, January 19, 2012, 07:13:21 PM

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Gordon Cragg

Well after several starts and stops, I finally delivered H-295 C/N 1432 to Jim Metzler's Helio Services, LLC in North Carolina.
I wanted several options installed on my Helio before getting it painted. First, and most important was the two doors, both the cargo door and the baggage door.
I had put my "name in the hat" to purchase the cargo door from H-295, N60JA, C/N 1240 if JAAR's indeed decided to part the airplane out after the Sun-N-Fun weather issue from last April. I didn't think the airplane was hurt all that bad...that is until I saw it in person at the JAAR's hangar. It could have been repaired...but not economically. Lucky for me I happened to be first in line and purchased the door for a reasonable price.
The images show the start of the process. I will be posting more as the install progresses.
Oh and by the way, I also asked Jim M. to "look the old girl over" and let me know if there are any issues he might see! OK, bottom line, if you don't want to hear what an expert has to say, don't ask him to look. My airplane is 40 years old and Jim's list was spot on for what needed to be done. So, I will fly a few extra trips next month to "pay the freight" to have a completely airworthy Helio Courier H-295.
Oh well it is only money, and, after all who wouldn't want to fly the safest single engine airplane in the world.
Call with any questions or comments
Gordon Cragg

Ken Berger

Very nice Gordon!  Can't wait to see the finished product.  Make sure to post pictures here when done.