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[Img] insert button
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I have figured out out to make the insert image button work.That button in the lower left corner above the smiley faces.

If I'm not clear on something or I've confused you send me a message and I'll try to clarify or help.

one way is to put your image into the gallery.

Next you left click on the image in the gallery to open it , you will get a medium size image which is the best size to post. Then right click on the image, You will get a box that has copy image url.

Left click on copy image url.

Then you go to the post you're making, place the cursor where you want to place the image in the dialog box.

Next go up and left click on the insert image button (the button on the lower left above smiley faces)

This will leave your cursor between two IMG's, right click and you will get a box that has Paste in it. left click on paste. This will put the url address between the two img's.

When you make your post it will show up as an image.

Another way to do it is attach a photo to a post.

Then go to your and post click on the image to open it.

once it's open right click on it. In the box that appears,  left click on on copy image url.

This copies the address to the clipboard and saves it.

Then go to the top of your post since you are the poster you have edit privliges, click on modify and this will reopen the post. This is how you fix or delete something after you've made a post. or add to it because you forgot something.

then place the cursor where you want to insert the image and left click on the insert image button when the cursor blinks at you from between two [img]'s left click and the address will appear between them.

You need to leave the attachment on your post so it can address the image ( find Url adress).

Does anyone have a simpeler way to insert an image in a post.

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